Architectural Technology

Associate in Arts Degree:

Requirements for the Associate in Arts degree in Architectural Technology may be met by completing the 46 units of required courses and 2 units from the recommended electives, along with 18 units of general education courses meeting Plan B graduation requirements. Information on the Plan B requirements may be found in the catalog under Graduation/Transfer requirements.

Upon successful completion of this program, students will have the skills needed to enter the field as an Architectural Technician who is both a problem solver and an integral part of the design process. Students will master the skills necessary to work in the construction, drafting, estimating, building inspection, civil, electrical, mechanical and structural engineering, construction computer rendering, and computer-aided drawing arenas. General education classes provide a well rounded education, imparting the knowledge and skills needed to successfully participate in all aspects of society.

Required Courses

First Semester UNITS
ARC 172 Architectural Drawing I 3
ARC 130 History of Architecture 1 2
INT  200 Residential Planning 3
DRAFT 62 C.A.D.D. for Architects 3
Second semester UNITS
ENV 101 Elements of Architecture 3
ARC 131 History of Architecture II 2
ARC 261 Computer Aided Design for Arch I 3
ARC 173 Architectural Drawing II 3
Third semester UNITS
ARC 271 Architectural Drawing III 3
ARC 201 Basic Architectural Drawing 3
DRAFT 63 C>A>D>D> for Building Systems 3
Elective 2
Forth semester UNITS
ARC 202 Architectural Drawing IV 3
ARC 151 Materials of Construction 3
ARC 341 GIS-Metropolitan Access Planning I 3
Elective 2
Electives  UNITS
DRAFT 10  Sustainable Landscape Design I 3
DRAFT 60 Introduction to C.A.D.D. 3
DRAFT 62 C.A.D.D. For Architects 3
DRAFT 64 C.A.D.D. Laboratory 3
ARC 160 Computers for Designer 2
ARC 261 Computer-Aided Design for Architecture I 3
ARC 342 GIS-Metropolitan Access Planning II 3
ARC 152 Equipment of Buildings 3