Powerline Mechanic Training Program


Electrical Lineman Program

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How to Enroll in the Lineman Class

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Catalog Course Descriptions

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7:00 AM to 2:30 PM

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Next time it will be offered: Fall 2016

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5:00 PM to 10:10 PM

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Next time it will be offered: PENDING

Program overview:

Development of basic skills needed to be successful trainees for electrical-related career ladders are emphasized. These skills include: overall safety considerations, power pole climbing skills, knowledge of the basic tools and materials involved with the electrical line crafts, general construction standards, basic rigging principles, and basic electrical theory that is specific to this trade. A 175 hour power pole-climbing certificate of completion is granted to students who successfully complete the course. A component of this course also includes preparation for Civil Service examinations that are likely required for positions at municipal companies.

Los Angeles Trade-Technical College offers various programs for individuals interested in working in the utility industry.  The programs enable individuals to be prepared to take the entry level certification for electrical craft helper and entry in to various Utility Lineman Apprentice Program such as: DWP, SCE, SG&E, PG&E.  It is recommended to begin with the fundamentals certificate of achievement and then move to the larger certificates and then complete the degree programs.  The certificates are stack-able meaning as you reach each level the classes build so you do not have to repeat courses that you have already taken.

For the schedule of courses click the corresponding semester & discipline ie: BLDGCTQ or ECONMT, etc.  above.

Available Programs:  (Click on links below for program requirements)

Utility Industry Fundamentals: Certificate of Achievement (6 months to 1 year if attending full time)

Power Line Mechanic: Certificate of Achievement (6 months to 1 year if attending full time)

Renewable Energy Generation, Transmission, & Distribution: Associate of Science (2 years if attending full time)