Renewable Energy Programs

Including (PV, Solar Thermal, Efficiency)

Solar Energy System
Class Schedule of ECONMT, REF A/C & BLDGCTQ: 
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Go Green and Make a Difference

Los Angeles Trade-Technical College offers various programs for individuals interested in working in the new, emerging field of renewable energy and efficiency.  The programs enable individuals to be prepared to take the entry level certification in the various areas such as: Solar PV by NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) and Weatherization by BPI (Building Performance Institute).  It is recommended to begin with the fundamentals certificate of achievement and then move to the larger certificates and then complete the degree programs.  The certificates are stack-able meaning as you reach each level the classes build so you do not have to repeat courses that you have already taken.   The programs share may courses but allows you to concentrate on the areas that you like the most, Solar PV (solar panels), Solar Thermal (hot water), or energy efficiency.

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Available Programs:

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Energy Systems Technology Fundamentals: Certificate of Achievement

Solar PV Technician: Certificate of Achievement

Solar Thermal Technician: Certificate of Achievement

Weatherization & Energy Efficiency: Certificate of Achievement

Renewable Energy: AS Degree w/ Energy Efficiency Emphasis

Renewable Energy: AS Degree w/ Solar PV Emphasis

Renewable Energy:  AS Degree w/Solar Thermal Emphasis