Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment Policy

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Summary of the LACCD Policy 2015

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The Policy

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Complaint Procedure

General Provisions


A Compliance Officer shall promptly investigate all potential violations of this policy of which he or she becomes aware. A Compliance Officer shall receive the complaint, and notify the complainant, alleged offender, the College President or District administrator, and the Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, within 5 business days of a potential violation of this policy. During the process of the investigation, the alleged offender has the right to be represented.

Informal Procedure

A Compliance Officer shall undertake efforts to informally resolve and investigate the charges. This process is limited to 30 days. If a resolution is reached, a Compliance Officer shall draft a Settlement Agreement to be signed by the complainant and the alleged offender. A Compliance Officer shall monitor the situation to insure that the resolution is properly implemented and maintain records.

Complaint Procedure

A written or verbal complaint shall be submitted to the LACCD Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The Complaint shall be filed no later than one year from the date when the complainant knew or reasonably should have known of the facts underlying the Complaint.

Compliance Officer’s Report

Within 60 days after becoming aware of a potential violation of this policy, a Compliance Officer shall complete the investigation and make a written report to the College President or Deputy Chancellor.

The College President, or Deputy Chancellor, shall independently assess whether the “preponderance of the evidence” establishes a violation and shall determine what  action is to be taken, if any. Prior to making the decision, the alleged offender and complainant shall have the opportunity to make an oral statement, within 15 days from the receipt of the Compliance Officer’s report.

Within 90 days from the start of the investigation, a Written Decision shall be mailed to the complainant and the alleged offender.


Disciplinary Action

If appropriate, the College President, Deputy Chancellor, or the Chancellor shall initiate the applicable disciplinary process within 10 business days of receiving the Written Decision.

Disciplinary action shall include, without limitation, verbal warning, probation, suspension, expulsion, letters of reprimand, Notices of Unsatisfactory Service, suspension, demotion or dismissal


If the complainant is not satisfied with the Written Decision, he/she may appeal to the District’s Board of Trustees by submitting a written appeal to the Chancellor’s Office within 15 days.

The Chancellor shall present the written appeal, the Written Decision, and the investigative report to the Board of Trustees in closed session. If 45 days elapse without further action, the Written Decision shall be the final decision of the District. In non-employment cases, the complainant has the right to file and appeal with the State Chancellor’s Office, within 30 days after the Board decision is issued, or 45 days have elapsed, whichever comes first.

Additional Remedies

The complainant may pursue independently civil law remedies, including but not limited to injunctions, restraining orders, or other orders. An individual who believes that he/she is the victim of Prohibited Discrimination may also file a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment & Housing at (800) 884-1684, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission at (213) 894-1000, for employment based complaints; and the Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights at (415) 556-4275, for non-employment complaints whether or not the complainant chooses to utilize the District’s internal procedure. Complaints may also be filed with the State Chancellor’s Office.


This is an excerpt. The specific rules and procedures for reporting charges of Prohibited Discrimination and for pursuing available remedies are incorporated in the Board Rules in Chapter XV, Board Rules 15001-15022.

Copies of the policy and procedures may be obtained from the LACCD Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and District website at or by calling the Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at (213) 891-2315 or
(213) 891-2317.