Skin Therapy Program


The Skin Therapy program begins every Fall for new incoming students.  It is a one year program and students obtain 24 units in the program.

Upon completion, students will have the knowledge and skills needed to successfully compete in the skin care industry.  Students will be prepared to enter the beauty industry as skin care technicians, spa managers, educators, makeup artists (both conventional and theatrical), product retailers, and business owners.



Skin Therapy (Esthetician) Program

 Required Courses – For current schedule click HERE

First Semester                                                               Units

CSMTLGY 35     Skin Therapy I                                               6

CSMTLGY 36     Skin Therapy II                                              6

Second Semester                                                           Units

CSMTLGY 37     Skin Therapy III                                            6

CSMTLGY 38     Skin Therapy IV                                           6


All description of courses can be found in the college catalog.  Just scroll down to Cosmetology and view the “Skin Therapy” section.