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Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Educational Support




Ms. Hermosillo- CAFYES Coordinator

Ms. Lisa Queen- CAFYES C.G.C.A.

Jasmine Newman- CAFYES Ambassadors

Ernesto Yanes-Arnold- CAFYES Ambassadors

EOPS would like to introduce the Los Angeles Trade Technical College community to Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Educational Support Program (CAFYES)! EOPS/CAFYES is a new program under EOPS for current or former foster youth. The mission of CAFYES is to provide additional services and support to eligible current or former foster youth.

Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Educational Support Program was authorized by Chapter 771, Statutes of 2014.  CAFYES is a supplemental component of the existing Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) program.  The purpose of CAFYES is to strengthen the capacity of community college districts to support the higher education success, health and well-being of some of the nearly 13,000 current and former foster youth who are enrolled in California’s community colleges.  The law allows the Chancellor’s Office to enter into “agreements with up to 10 community college districts to provide additional funds for services in support of postsecondary education for foster youth. A competitive, peer-review process recommended 10 districts to the Board of Governors to receive funding to begin CAFYES programs at 26 colleges in 2015-16.

CAFYES Benefits:

  • Maximum Book Grants (Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer)
  • Monthly Meal Tickets
  •  CAFYES Cash Grants
  •  Specialized workshops
  •  Transportation assistance
  • CAFYES Counseling 20 Class (3 units)
  • Additional services may be provided as needed

CAFYES Eligibility:

  • A current or former foster youth in California whose dependency was established or continued by the court on or after the youth’s 16th birthday

***Must provide ONE of the following documents to verify foster dependency status***

  •  Verification in writing from the county child welfare agency or
  • Verification in writing from county independent living program or
  • Verification in writing from the county probation agency or
  • Verification in writing (form) from the California Department of Social Services Foster Care Ombudsman

In addition to the above, you also must meet the criteria below:

  • No older than 25 years of age at the commencement of any academic year in which she or he participates in CAFYES
  •  EOPS Eligible
    • CAFYES student may be enrolled in 9 units at the time of acceptance (not 12 units)
      • DSPS students may enroll in less units per semester with verification from DSPS

 How To Join:

Interested in joining CAFYES?

Please stop by the EOPS office for more information and come meet the EOPS/CAFYES Staff.

Spring 2016 Hours:

Ms. Hermosillo– EOP/CAFYES Counselor

Mondays & Wednesdays: 8:30-4:30pm

Ms. Lisa Queen– EOPS/CAFYES C.G.C.A

Monday-Wednesdays: 8:30-3:30pm

Thursdays: 8:30-12:30pm


CAFYES Ambassadors

ErnestoErnesto Yanes- Arnold

I grew up on the eastside of South Central L.A. on a little street called 23rd and Hooper Ave. My neighborhood is called the “The Low Bottoms” because it’s considered the poorest part of L.A. My grandmother, Mama Rosemary Arnold, used to work here at LATTC as a custodian for more than 10 years, while at the same time she worked at California Hospital. She worked so hard to support all 13 of her children and 20 grandchildren. My mother also attended LATTC and used to bring me and my 4 siblings here when she had class. After my grandmother passed, me and my 4 siblings were homeless and were forced to move with a family member. We entered into the foster care system due to abuse and neglect from this family member.

Now I am 24 years old, and currently living in a transitional housing program, and attending LATTC to pursue my career goal in becoming a foster youth ambassador, earn a AA degree, and transfer. When I came here 2 semesters ago, I was the Vice President of an ASO club called “My Brothers and Sisters Keeper.” It was a club a part of the Guardian Scholars program under the direction of Dr. Washington, who was my main influence and was there with us every step of the way. I just want to help create a system where no foster youth will be left behind. I feel that this CAFYES program can motivate and empower each foster youth with a dream that they can become whatever they want in life. Our job is to help make that happen.