Career Counseling

  • Career counseling offers students aptitudes, abilities, and interests’ assessments, and are advised concerning current and future employment trends.
  • Career development process taught with emphasis on its importance in setting and achieving academic and life goals
  • Career counseling services assist students in examining their lives as a whole–values, interests, aptitudes, and life circumstances.
  •  Career counseling services provided through individual and group counseling, workshops, and college courses.
  •  Career counseling services include assisting students in clarifying career goals, through intake interviews and administration and interpretation of career assessment instruments; instruction in career exploration using the latest technology and methods; and instruction in career goal setting and decision-making.
  • Career center that provides up-to-date information on career research, labor market, educational programs, and all aspects of the career development process
  •  Technical assistance is available to help students access this information.
  • Establish liaison relationships with other career-related programs, such as regional occupational programs, work experience programs, GAIN/CalWork, and private industry councils.
  • Assistance with job placement and the job search process, including instruction in resume preparation and interviewing skills.