Estimated Expenses/Housing

Following is a list of ESTIMATED expenses a student might expect to incur while attending Los Angeles Trade Technical College. Prices and fees are subject to change.

The estimated costs for 2017-2018 academic year are as follow:

Per Semester

Per Academic Year

Enrollment & Tuition Fees
(based on 12 units)



Mandatory Health Insurance



Books and Other Educational Expenses (approximate)



Parking (or TAP bus pass)



 On-Campus Health Services



Student Representation       



Student Organization



Living and Personal Expenses (approximate)







Los Angeles Trade-Technical College is a city campus. There are no housing facilities on the campus itself. Most students rent rooms in private homes or share apartments and drive or commute on public transportation to the college. Short or long term housing is available from several sources. Some are mail lists you must join, but most allow you to browse the postings without signing up. There may be fees involved in using some of these services. Please determine the charges to you before you make a commitment. This list is accurate as of Fall 2015 and all links were checked.

Appearance on this list is alphapetical and does not constitute an endorsement. – Upscale students housing (Locate right across from Trade Tech!) – offers the apartment-matching engine

Apartment Guide– Lists apartments in California and other parts of the US, has roommate finder

Conquest Student Housing – Specializing in housing near the University of Southern California (LATTC is located blocks from USC)

Craig’s List, Los Angeles – A list of housing in the Los Angeles area and more.

Global Student Services – Arranges homestays, with or without meals, in various locations. to off campus housing pages.

International Housing Placement Service (IHPS) – Arranges stay with a host family, plans include meals– Find affordable apartments

Student International Housing – Arranges homestays with meals in various Southern California locations

Westside Rentals – lists apartments and homes available in Los Angeles and surrounding areas

World Homestay arranges stay with host family

Zillow– Los Angeles and surrounding areas rental properties

If you do not plan to live with friends or relatives, please be sure that you have sufficient funds available for housing before you come to Los Angeles.