Umoja Community


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Our Mission

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Organizing Principles

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  • Is based on a research-based core set of pedagogies and promising practices;
  • Helps to strengthen the academic success of all students;
  • Supports the persistence and retention of all students toward defined educational goals, such as transfer, certificate, associate degree;
  • Offers both instructional and student services;
  • Integrates direct instruction of information and technology literacy;
  • Utilizes sound assessment strategies and a set of core benchmark measures;
  • Includes recruitment and regular training of students, staff and faculty through seminars, conferences, and other professional development;
  • Facilitates the sharing of resources: financial, curriculum, methodologies, pedagogies;
  • Commits to collaborating with the campus to ensure integration of the Umoja community and the college’s mission goals, strategic plans, and student equity efforts.

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Core Requirements

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Memorandum of Understanding

  • Complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the college president to ensure campus commitment to the Umoja Community educational philosophy, organizing principles and core requirements


  • Provide a program coordinator to plan and administer program activities and oversee program budget
  • Create a new student orientation/welcoming ritual/rite of passage or other event at the onset of the program and a year-end/culmination/awards program at the conclusion of the academic year for first year students
  • Work with campus research office to produce a yearly report to include an evaluation of the program retention, persistence and success data


  • Provide a learning community model (students take two or more linked courses) or cohort model (students enroll in one program course and other classes with the general population)
  • Provide a two semester sequence of guidance/counseling classes for first year students in the program

Village Space

  • Provide a dedicated space to serve as a village area where program students and staff can gather

Student Support Services

  • Provide counseling support and follow-up services until program students graduate or transfer on to a four-year university
  • Provide a mentoring program with college staff and/or community mentors

Training and Support

  • Participate in an initial Summer Learning Institute for staff training and development (all program team members)
  • Participate in site team visits conducted by Umoja Community Governing Board members

Student Responsibilities

  • Complete a program application and student contract
  • Participate in program orientation or rite of passage event marking entrance or welcoming into the program
  • Meet with a counselor twice per semester and complete a comprehensive student educational plan
  • Enroll in and complete a two semester sequence of Counseling Guidance classes
  • Attend required field trips and/or cultural activities as prescribed by the program coordinator
  • Participate in mentoring
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the California Community Colleges Board of Governors Fee waiver form (eligible students only)

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