Learning Objectives


Anytime we are involved in an activity, we should have a reason for doing it. These reasons are often referred to as goals or objectives. Individuals set goals; businesses set goals. You will be setting goals or objectives relating to the activities you will be involved in at your CWEE job site. In CWEE, we will refer to these as measurable learning objectives. The learning objectives are specific, measurable, limited to a single definite result, and have a completion date. You, your Job Site Supervisor, and your CWEE Instructor will be involved in writing the learning objectives and, later, the evaluation of your accomplishment of the learning objectives.


What do we mean by a measurable learning objective? A measurable learning objective is a statement that clearly and precisely describes what it is that you intend to accomplish this semester at your job site. Each learning objective involves NEW learning, EXPANDED growth, or IMPROVEMENT on the job, and benefits both you and the company.

Why have learning objectives? CWEE is an academic program designed to enhance your college education. Learning objectives are one of the most effective methods devised to assess the extent and value of your classroom learning when applied to a job situation.

How do you develop and write your learning objectives? Start by reviewing the skills you use daily at the job site. Is there opportunity to expand or improve on these skills? Then, observe others in your company and ask yourself what new skills could you gain? what special project could you work on? what other areas in the company would you like access to that would enhance your chance for promotion or better prepare you for another job in the future?

GETTING STARTED — For each objective, you should be able to answer the following four questions:

What do you want to learn? (What is the task to be accomplished?)

How will you learn it? (How will it be accomplished?)

How will the results be measured? (How will it be evaluated and by whom?)

When will it be accomplished? (By what date will it be completed?)

Remembering that the learning objective must be specific, measurable, limited to a single definite result, and has a completion date, review the sample given below.

What do you want to learn? How to input customer information on the computer.

How will you learn it? To be done by following handbook instructions and inputting information at least three times a week.

How will the results be measured? My supervisor will observe and verify that I can correctly record customer information.

When am I going to complete this objective? supply a date, e.g., 15 July 2004

Once you have answered the questions, write the objective in its final form. A correctly written learning objective begins with “To.” “To” is followed by an action word (see list), description, measurement, and completion date (see examples below).

Final form: To demonstrate to my supervisor that I can input customer information on a regular basis (using the handbook as by guide) by [date]


activate complete establish perform revise
adjust compose estimate plan rewrite
analyze compute evaluate prepare select
arrange conduct explain reconstruct separate
articulate construct illustrate recruit simplify
assemble convert implement reduce structure
assist coordinate improve remove summarize
build decrease increase reorganize supervise
calculate define introduce repair survey
categorize demonstrate investigate replace train
change describe limit report translate
collect design list reproduce transfer
combine develop maintain research update
compare direct modify restructure verbalize