What are the benefits for students?

  • Provides an opportunity for career decision making in a profession
  • Improves work performance that leads to a job, raises, or promotions
  • Increases communication between you and your work supervisor
  • Earns units toward a degree
  • Stimulates your individual motivation in your work setting
  • Reinforces the connection between college classes and work
  • Broadens your skills with your employer

How do I enroll?

Occupational Work Experience is for students enrolled in career oriented majors. This program provides supervised work experience, paid or volunteer, at a work site that is directly related to the student’s career goal in an integral part of the student’s major program of study.

Classes offered include:

• Automotive Technology
• Business
• Carpentry
• Child Development
• ComputerApplication andOffice Technology
• Cooperative Education
• Culinary Arts
• Diesel Technology
• Electrical Construction and Maintenance
• Fashion Design
• Fashion Merchandising
• Labor Studies
• Machine Tool Technology
• Nursing
• Operating/ Maintenance Engineer
• Plumbing Technology
• Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic
• Solid Waste Management Technology
• Supply Water Systems Technology
• Waste Water Management
• Welding/Gas and Electric

General Work Experience is for students who want to explore career and work experience opportunities. This program, designed to help students develop career and workplace culture awareness, combines classroom instruction with paid or volunteer work experience, utilizing the community’s business, industry, government and non-profit agencies as expanded educational sites.

Can students receive transfer credit for Work Experience?

A transfer-level Work Experience option is available. Transfer of Work Experience credit is accepted at some CSU campuses. Students are advised to check with an LATTC counselor.

Work Experience is transferable to CSU campuses:
  Cooperative Education 395 Work Experience – General I


Is it for me?

To help you decide whether the program is for you, ask yourself these questions —

  1. Will applying what I’m learning in school to a work setting help me learn more easily?
  2. Will applying what I’m learning in school to a work setting reinforce my class content and strengthen my job performance?
  3. Will discussing my career skill development with my supervisor help him or her see my motivation and initiative?
  4. Do I plan to enroll in at least 7 units this semester?
  5. Does LATTC’s program of school and related work meet my needs now?