Fashion FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does The Fashion Center at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
    compare with other colleges?

We are the oldest fashion school in Los Angeles. The main difference
is the way and the amount of material we present. Students
at The Fashion Center receive more hours of instruction in
each subject than most other colleges. Our students are in
the classroom daily and for more than 20 hours per week for
each 8 week session. At most other fashion schools, classes
meet once or twice per week for 2-3 hours at a time.

We offer an immersion style of training where students study
one subject for 8 full weeks; concentrated study, and all
for just $46.00 dollars per unit. That means that each course
costs approximately $190.00 (not including tools and supplies).
(Yes! That means that the entire two-year program costs less
than $2000!)

  • Do you offer CAD courses?

The Fashion Center at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College is proud
to offer instruction in Gerber, Lectra, and Tukatech. We are
planning to offer courses in The PAD System in the near future
as well. These are the largest software names in the apparel
industry so offering classes in all of them allows us to prepare
our students for any challenge they may face on the job.

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  • How long is your program?

The full-time program takes two years to complete. If a student
enrolls in academic courses while taking the fashion classes
they can graduate with a Associate in Arts Degree as well
as a Certificate of Completion. We do offer an abundance of
extra courses in addition to the core classes of the program
and many of our graduates return to enhance their education.

  • Do you offer evening and weekend classes?

In order to serve our student population we offer a full compliment
of fashion classes in the evenings (2 nights per week for
3 hours each evening) and on Saturdays (one 6 hour meeting).
The part-time program allows students to work full-time and
still pursue their educational goals. The pace is a bit slower,
but a dedicated student can earn a Certificate of Completion
in approximately 2 1/2 years. Unlike the full-time program,
the part-time classes run the entire 16 week semester.

  • What are the jobs available in the market?

The apparel industry is changing at a rapid pace, but Southern
California has replaced New York as the nation’s leader in
apparel manufacturing companies. Graduates from The Fashion
Center are working as assistant designers, assistant production
managers production managers, pattern makers, quality assurance
associates, technical designers, sales representatives, and
designers to name some of the most common job titles. In the
past few years, several graduates started their own manufacturing
businesses right out of school.

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  • Who are your famous graduates?

Our most recoganizable graduate is Rick Owens. Carol Little and Tadashi are also  graduates. Sue Wong and SweetP also
attended The Fashion Center.

  • Can you do a double major?

The curriculum is rather demanding, but it is possible to double
major. Many afternoon design students attend morning Fashion
Merchandising classes and graduate with two Certificates.

  • When can I enroll?

Due to the fact that the full-time semester is divided into two
eight week sessions for design students, our enrollment process
is extended. Interested students can enroll at the beginning
of the semester or at the 8 week break. Those students interested
in Fashion Merchandising or the evening program must enroll
at the beginning of the semester.

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  • Where is The Fashion Center at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College located?

Los Angeles TradeTechnical College is located at the corner of
Washington Blvd. and GrandAve. in downtown. The Fashion Center
is located in the “D” Building/ Cypress Hall which is on Grand Ave. across from the college parking structure.The office can be found in room D-222; second floor; north east corner of the building.

  • How can I get to The Fashion Center?

We are freeway close! Los Angeles Trade-Technical College is
located where the 10 and the 110 freeways cross, and the Blue
Line and the new Expo Line stops in front of the campus.



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