Digital Media

Current Approved Courses



DM 100 Introduction to Digital Video 3 units
Students are introduced to the process and tools of non-linear video editing. Basic skills will be developed in editing techniques, video formats, compression types, industry terminology, and understanding key concepts of shooting for digital systems. Students will produce short video sequences that are appropriately compressed for delivery via web/Internet and various digital media.


DM 101 Fundamentals of Mass Media 3 units
Students will survey a range of mass media fields operating today with a particular attention to the development of media in modern history. From the history of print media through radio and television up to the internet age, students will engage in analysis of the ever-changing adaptations of mass media as it relates to globalization, politics, entertainment and consumerism.


DM 103 Fundamentals of Digital Audio 3 units
Students are introduced to the principles and process of digital audio recording and reproduction. Topics include such aspects as sound design, acoustics, Dolby surround sound, microphones, mixers, outboard gear, signal flow, and recording and editing audio. Further exploration will involve analog over digital formats and destructive over non-destructive editing.


DM 110 Video Production: Footage Acquisition 3 units
Students will learn the craft of video production through hands-on producing of short digital video projects. Over the duration of the course, the students will discover planning, pre-producing, shooting, and post-production of short projects. Projects will emphasize resourcefulness, collaboration and group discourse and introduce students to the technical and creative crafts of shooting and directing digital video.


DM 115 Video Production: Non-Linear Editing 3 units
Students will engage in film and video editing techniques on a non-linear editing platform. A series of video editing projects will explore technical non-linear editing system skills and editing tools in the service of storytelling craft. Topics covered include theme, structure, continuity, rhythm, flow, suspense, and dramatic irony.


DM 199 Digital Media Lab 1 unit
This is an open lab to offer students access to professional creative applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Flash, Dreamworks, AfterEffects, Photoshop, Premiere, and Soundbooth, and Apple Final Cut Pro, as well as video production equipment to complete coursework in the Digital Media program.