Visual Communications

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The Visual Communications program aims to …

  • provide a wide skill foundation for careers in Graphic Design, Computer Graphics, Advertising, Illustration, Multimedia and related fields.
  • offer exposure to additional skills needed in industry: portfolio development, public speaking, critical thinking, ethics, and the financial aspects of running a business.
  • provide students with a clear understanding of how best to select paths for career development including continuing education, advanced degrees and entry-level job opportunities.
  • provide a cost-effective education, utilizing the most current technology and taught by a dedicated faculty with extensive professional backgrounds.


Graphic Designers create the visuals and imagery that launch products and influence public thinking. Do you have the imagination and flair to give a visual face to messages as diverse as selling dog food or stopping teen pregnancy? The Visual Communications department will provide foundational courses in 2d design fundamentals, graphic design, typography, color theory and web design. Additional areas of instruction include the psychology of visual persuasion, marketing, speaking and presentation, and how to run a business successfully. Departmental computer labs are used to produce finished graphic concepts created during the developmental phase.



Are you clever with words? Do you see the world in creative ways? Art Directors use their talents to influence public thinking and set future trends. We will teach you to think with greater imagination, target specific audience segments, and train you to develop your visual ideas conceptually. You will learn quick sketching techniques, color psychology and its application to ad layout, and typography. Your ideas and images will be developed on Macintosh computers as finished portfolio samples utilizing graphic software used by advertising agencies and design studios.


Artists and illustrators master the fundamental drawing concepts of line, shape, proportion, shading, perspective and action. Did you love to draw when you were a child ? Do you still ? Whether new to drawing or more advanced, we’ll provide instruction and help you build a stronger drawing foundation. We teach traditional drawing methodology in black and white and color mediums, then transfer this development to digital formats. The computer has expanded the roll of illustration to include photo manipulations. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are as common a tool today as a pen or pencil. Careers for those with drawing skill invite greater challenge and opportunity than ever before. Animation and motion graphics are exploding on-line. Be part of it. Learn how to apply your talents to exciting new career opportunities.


The computer has changed commercial printing. Designers working in agencies and studios today must create visual solutions for their clients and format them for both print and web publication. “Digital Prepress” refers to the process of preparing art, photography and typography for commercial print reproduction using offset lithography, or to the process of preparing and formatting digital files correctly for publication on-line. We teach  Adobe In-Design, the leading software application for prepress artists. You’ll learn how to scan, set type in many different formats, color-correct photographs, and use printing inks and color modes with expertise. We’ll teach you the difference between computer resolution and dots per inch so that you can design with a clear understanding how best to reproduce your work efficiently and cost effectively. Design studios, advertising agencies, and in-house art departments are constantly looking for graduates with expertise in this specialized area.