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Welcome to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety                 Campus Rendering

The Office of Environmental Helath and Safety  (EHS) is a consulting resource for the students, faculty and staff of the Los Angeles Trade Technical Community College. The department provides information, training, interpretation of regulations and standards, as well as the coordination and oversight of emergency planning. There are programs and services including training and websites related to safety and health under the EHS link on your left. To talk to the department personnel directly, look under “Contact Us” to find the main contact information. Also, for your convenience you can see links to pages that are the most common functions used by our visitors.

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Emergency Response Information

LATTC-Sheriff Telephone Numbers For Emergency

Lockdown Procedures

In case of an emergency, you should immediately contact the College’s Sheriff’s Office on campus

  • Dial Ext 3611 or 911 to reach the College Sheriff’s office from any campus phone
  • You may also press the extension button marked “EMERGENCY”, on all campus phones.
  • Pick up the campus emergency blue telephone station “dial direct” to Sheriff’s Office
  • If you are using a campus pay phone, you may dial *80 to reach the Sheriff’s office.
  • If you use your cell phone you may dial 213-763-3611 to connect to Sheriff’s office.
  • You may dial 213-747-0973 to connect you with the College Sheriff from any telephone, even if campus experience phone system outage

Please note if you dial 911 from your cell phone or pay phone on campus, it will not connect directly to the College Sheriff’s, but it will connect to outside emergency services