1. During the earthquake:
    1. Stay calm and try to calm and reassure others.
    2. If indoors, stay indoors. Seek refuge under a sturdy desk or table. Drop to knees, clasp both hands behind neck, bury face in arms, and make the body as small as possible. Close eyes and cover ears with forearms.
    3. If outdoors, get into an open area away from tree, building, walls, and power lines.
    4. Stay away from windows, shelves, heavy objects or anything that can fall.
    5. Do not rush for exists. Stairways may be broken and walkways may be jammed with people.
    6. Do not use elevators as the power may go off.

After an earthquake, an emergency operation center (EOC) is established in C-105 in C-Building (or another area as directed by the president or designee) should damage occur, all or part of the college may be closed.

  1. After the Earthquake
    1. Evacuate buildings if the earthquake seemed serious enough to cause structural damage by moving quickly to the evacuation point shown on the emergency Exit Plan posted at the main entrance of building.
    2. Expect aftershocks. Move carefully and use extreme caution when moving around damaged buildings because aftershocks can cause further damage.
    3. Check for injuries, trapped persons and disabled persons in you vicinity.
    4. Check for fires. If you can, extinguish with a fire extinguisher. If not, leave the area and call the college sheriff’s office at ext. 3611(from your mobile phone dial 213-763-3611).
    5. Clean up spilled chemicals or other potentially harmful materials, or contact safety officer ext: 3632.
    6. Do not use electrical equipment, turn electrical switches on/off or light matches, etc.
    7. Do not touch downed power lines, other exposed wires, or objects touched by downed lines.
    8. Do not use telephone unless an emergency requires it.
    9. Check closets and storage shelf areas. Open doors carefully and watch for falling objects.
    10. Listen for damage reports and evacuation information. Do not spread rumors.

Do not return to an evacuated building until instructed to do so by emergency personnel.