Utility Failure

Utility failure can occur at any time. The most common utility failure experienced at the college are electrical power outages which are usually brief and generally do not disrupt activities for more than a few moments at any given time. In the event of a major or potential danger to members of the college community, all or part of the college will be closed. Employees are not to leave the campus until authorized to do so by the college president or designee.

  1. Electrical/light failure: most campus buildings are equipped with emergency light systems designed to provide enough illumination in corridors and stairs for safe exiting. In the event of electrical failure, call physical plant ext. 3612. Give your name, location and advise the person answering the phone of the situation.

If you are in an unlighted area, proceed cautiously to an area that has emergency lights or evacuate the building. Provide assistance to students, visitors, and staff in your immediate area including impaired person.

  1. Elevator failure: all elevators are equipped with emergency alarms. Stay calm. Use the intercom telephone or the emergency button. College personal will be dispatched to the elevator for assistance.
  2. Plumbing failure/flooding: cease using all electrical equipment, vacate the area, and call physical plant ext.3612
  3. Steam line failure: vacate the area and call physical plant ext. 3612
  4. Ventilation: if smoke or burning smells come from the ventilation system, vacate the area immediately and call physical plant ext. 3612.
  5. Telephone system failure: should a telephone instrument become inoperable during the course of a routine work day, send a work request to communications service.

Should college telephones become inoperable during an emergency situation such as that associated with an earthquake, a runner-communication has been established. When dispatching a runner, the primary point of contact should be the emergency operations center (EOC) C-105 in C-Building, (or another area as directed by the president or designee)