Faculty & Staff

Full-time Faculty:

George Blake: 

A Maryland native, George Blake is first a learner, then a teacher. He has a varied academic history, having attended public, private, and art schools. Completing his undergraduate and graduate studies from Morgan State University—an HBCU—exceptionally equipped him to be an innovative and dedicated English professor. Fortuitously, George embraced his career, beginning in adult literacy, and later at Morgan State, as a full time lecturer. George is also a successful writer, having written all forms and most genres from marketing materials, to self- help books, to television episodes. George happily takes that experience into the classroom. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2001, he has been part of the adjunct faculty at LATTC, and proudly joined LATTC as a full-time faculty member in 2017.

Cindy Cruz:

Hi! I’m originally from Los Angeles and attended LAUSD schools, like many of our students. I began my educational journey at Santa Monica College, and then transferred to CSULB. At CSULB, I earned an undergraduate degree in English Education with an emphasis in Literature (I originally planned on becoming a high school teacher), and also completed an M.A degree in English.  In my free time, I enjoy Netflix, reading, traveling, eating out, and spending time with my senior beagle.

   Teresa Dolan

    Roberto Mancia

    Armando Mendez

Jennifer Ortiz:

Welcome to the English Department,

No matter where I’ve lived I always come back to LA because it is the best city hands down. I was born and raised in the Rampart District. At 17 I moved to the Bay to attend Mills College for my B.A. and M.A. While in school, I honed my leadership skills and the deeply seated belief that education has the power to create transformative growth and generational change.

I come from a politically active family whose involvement in the labor movement greatly shaped my worldview. Many of the reading materials we will explore in class center around equity and social justice.

I travel every year to a warm climate and crystal blue water. I’m also a fantasy/paranormal book fan and my favorite writer of all time is Toni Morrison. Currently, I’m learning how to care for houseplants. I’ve taught at many schools and Trade by far has the best student body.

Below is a youtube channel with writing resources and a sample syllabus:



Sally Sowter:

Originally from the United Kingdom, Sally Sowter earned her bachelor’s degree in English from University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), and her master’s degree in English from California State University, Long Beach, where she received Distinguished Graduate Honors. Prior to transferring to UC Berkeley, she attended Los Angeles City College (LACC). Sally’s educational experience at LACC inspired a commitment to the mission of community colleges, and motivated her to pursue a career as an educator. She is interested in issues of access and equity in higher education, and at UC Berkeley she co-facilitated a student-led tutoring program in San Quentin State Prison for men in the adult education program at the prison. At LATTC, Sally will be the dedicated English instructor for the Construction, Maintenance, & Utilities Pathway.

  Carmen Viliesid

Part-time Faculty:

Anthony Stevens:

Mr. Stevens believes TT students are the finest and that they enter his English class with strong life experiences with focus and determination to succeed. He feels students in his English 28 classes do not need to learn to read and write; they do both well.  However, he believes they do need to obtain various writing skills to prepare them for university writing, which is more formal and demanding.  He is certain in their ability to grasp formal writing skills to enable them to write clear, concise papers for any of their chosen professions. Read more…

Alexis Wong:

I attended CSULA for my BA and MA where I studied English literature and pedagogy. I have taught/tutored/mentored about every single grade (pre-school to college). I currently teach at LATTC and Mt. SAC and often teach developmental English classes that focus on critical reading and writing. Some themes I like to teach include: gender roles, feminism, and race and ethnicity. In my free time, I can be found taking my two dogs (Pancake and Marty McFly) hiking in the LA area, or with my nose in a good book. You may contact me by email at: wongam@lattc.edu