Student Responsibilities

Students Responsibilities

  • Read ALL EOPS mail
  • Answer EOPS phone calls
  • Notify the EOPS Office (ST-205) of any change of address or telephone number
  • Complete all three mandatory contacts: (Every Fall & Spring semester)

Mandatory Contacts

  • 1st Contact: Student Education Plan (SEP) with an EOPS Counselor
  • 2nd Contact: In-Term Progress Assembly (look for the flyer in the mail, in October & March)
  • 3rd Contact: Priority Registration/Exit Contact

To remain eligible for the EOPS Program, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be enrolled in 12 active units or more at LATTC
  2. Qualify for a Board of Governors Grant (BOGG  A or B, NOT C)
  3. Have no more than 6 Consecutive Semesters with the EOPS Program
  4. Have no more than 70 degree applicable college units
  5. Maintain a 2.0 and above G.P.A. while in program
  6. Be a California Resident (For 1 year and 1 day)

Stand-by classes will not be included in the 12 units required for eligibility.