General Provisions

Standards of Conduct.  The use of District facilities is subject to the District’s Standards of Conduct which includes, but is not limited to, prohibitions against illegal activities such as discriminatory conduct; unlawful possession or use of intoxicating liquors, drugs, or narcotics; fighting; betting, conducting a raffle or lottery, or other forms of gambling.  (Ed Code 82537)

Management and Control of Facilities.  Responsibility for the management and control of college facilities, which includes determining whether supervision is necessary while college facilities are being used, is assigned to the college.  The College President, Chancellor, or designee reserves the right to require security at the meetings held at college facilities or to call in the police when determined necessary.  Under both of these circumstances, the persons/organizations using the college facilities will be responsible for paying the direct costs associated with these security services.  The persons/organizations using the college facilities shall not supply their own security guards.

Damages to Property.  The permittee, licensee  and/or lessee shall be responsible for and shall pay for any repairs or replacement of District property which are made necessary by reason of the negligence or misuse of said premises.  Damage occasioned by acts of God is excepted.

Cancellation of Permit.  The college has the right to cancel a permit whenever a need for the facilities for educational purposes arises after issuance of a permit.

Cancellation by Permittee.  Notification of cancellation of meetings, for which there is a service charge, must be received at least two business days prior to the time for scheduled use, if advance payments are to be refunded in whole or in part.  Any refund shall be at the discretion of the college.  All cancellations, whether a charge was levied or not, shall be reported to the permit-issuing office.

Scheduling.  Use of the facilities will be scheduled only when the facilities are not needed for educational purposes.

No Violation of Law.  No activity shall be conducted which constitutes a violation of any federal, state, or local law.

Political Campaigns.  College premises shall not be used as political campaign headquarters.

Erection of Structures, Etc.  No structures may be erected or assembled on college premises nor may any electrical, mechanical, or other equipment be brought thereon without prior written approval of the College.

Signs.  Signs may be posted on the college premises only with prior permission and in places and manners designated by the college.  Without prior written authorization, the signs will not be posted more than one hour prior to the meeting and shall be removed immediately after the meeting by the permittee.  A sign may not state or otherwise suggest that either the District or a college sponsors or endorses a particular individual/organization/activity.  Use of the District and/or college name is also prohibited, unless permission is granted by the Board of Trustees in advance.  Sponsors may not expect their meeting to be advertised through college media.

Safety Regulations.  The user at all times during the use and occupancy of the premises shall thoroughly comply with all ordinances, laws, and regulations affecting the use and occupancy thereof, including all state and local fire, health, and safety laws, ordinances, and regulations.