College Sponsored Events

Reserving the Location

Please use the Facility Use Request form (above) to request the use of all college facilities. It is important to reserve the desired location, in addition to any equipment/services that will be needed to yield the desired result. The facilities use coordinator will contact the requestor to discuss the event logistics, and coordinate the appropriate services to be provided by the college.

General Policies and Procedures

It is extremely important that policies and procedures be implemented to allow departments providing services for an event to have adequate notice as follows:

  • The Facility Use Form must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of the event/activity.
  • The Facility Use Form must be completed electronically in its entirety for the use of any campus facility.
  • Any flowers, balloons, decorations must be supplied by the requestor.

Guidelines for Internal/Departmental Facility Use

  • If college event expenses can be paid from an SFP, please indicate on the Facility Use Form.
  • Any signage needed for the event/activity must be done by requestor (A-frames need to be arranged for in advance). You will need to note on the Facility Use Form where you want signage placed.
  • The  Facility Use Form must be used to reserve and prepare for the use of any college facility. Please do not use a Work Order request form to request use the facility.
  • You must include the anticipated number of people expected at the event/activity on the Facility Use Form.
  • Materials and signage must be picked up at event closing or they will be discarded (if equipment is left without arrangements for pick up, the group will have to rent from an outside vendor in the future – if the event ends before event end time, notify the Sheriff that the event is over and ready for clean up. Someone from the event needs to wait for college personnel so that equipment is not misplaced or stolen).
  • The Facility Use coordinator will notify the requestor of any additional information or items needed.
  • No college personnel will be authorized to set up or clean up an event without a completed Facility Use Form.
  • The Vice President of Administration is responsible for Facility Use so any questions or problems related to facility use should be directed to the Vice President of Administrative Services at ext. 7042.