General Scholarship Application


The General Scholarship Application is available now. 

Deadline to apply Wednesday, March 13 @ 11:59pm .

General Scholarship Application Worksheet (Printable PDF)

Apply Now - General Scholarship Application

Minimum Qualifications*

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • LATTC must be your home college (where students receive financial aid)

*If a student has holds/debt to the College, an award will first be applied to that debt.

No further documents are required for verification of minimum qualifications, participation in special programs (such as DSPS and AB540) or academic programs. All information will be collected through our student records.

Qualification Notes

  • Student debts to the College will be deducted from any award amount
  • Students Receiving Financial Aid
    • Your unmet financial need must be greater than a scholarship award
  • DSPS Students
    • 6 units qualifies you as a full-time student with prior DSPS approval, if you have been approved for a reduced unit load.


Login Instructions

AVAILABLE NOW – Click the Apply Now – General Scholarship Application button and login using Canvas*

  • Username is using your Student ID
  • Password is the same for the Student Information System (PeopleSoft) and the LMS (Canvas).

*Be prepared before starting the application – see Preparing for the ApplicationIf you cannot access the Scholarship Application in Canvas, you can self-enroll in the Scholarship Application.

  1. Find the “LATTC Scholarship Applications” course card in your Canvas Dashboard
    Course Card
  2. Accept the auto-enroll invitation
  3. Read the instructions and continue to the application link
    Course Landing Page


Application Instructions

  1. Review minimum qualifications (above).
  2. Complete application online
    1. Application might not be saved. Once you start, it is recommended you complete all parts of the application to avoid losing any progress made. As long, as you do not submit the application, the progress should be saved to resume at a later time. Once the application is submitted, however, you cannot resubmit.
  3. Deadline listed above.
  4. Notification of award may be through your student email address
    1. You are advised to forward your student email to a personal email address that you check regularly – see instructions below
    2. Forwarding LACCD Student E-Mail to Your Personal E-Mail


Preparing for the Application

BE ADVISED: Application cannot be saved. Once you start, you must complete all parts of the application.

  • Know your program of study
  • Have an instructor reference (provide instructor your name and student ID)*
  • Be prepared to list any volunteer/community service (optional entry)
  • Points are awarded to those with a completed Student Education Plan (SEP) (optional)

*Please request a recommendation from your instructor by the deadline of the Scholarship Application.

It will help to know the Pathway you are in (or that your major/program of study is in).

See programs within Pathways (links open in new window):


Essay Question

How would this scholarship contribute to your educational success? (250 Word Limit)