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February 3-8 (Week before classes start)
Prepare yourself for a successful semester.
February 10-13 & 22 (First week of spring term)
Attend class, get engaged and succeed!

Welcome to Trade Tech!

We have designed this guide to assist you with finding key campus services and locations. If you have a question, the Bridges to Success Center (MA105) is the place to get them answered. Key campus services are listed below.

Mariposa Hall Services (MA)

MA building

  • Application Workshops and Assistance
  • Adding and Dropping Classes
  • K-12 Concurrent Enrollment Processing
  • Online Fees/Parking Payment (credit card only, for cash transactions go to the Business Office, ST first floor)
  • Fee Receipt
  • Student ID Card
  • GED Program
  • Assessment and College Placement Exam
  • Prerequisite Clearance
Other Student Services in Mariposa Hall
Open Computer Lab MA upper floor
Disabled Student Programs and Services MA 100
Drop-In Counseling MA 103
class selection, program info ONLY  
Veterans Student Center MA 101
Student Health Center MA 107
Academic Connections (Tutoring) MA 109
Library MA upper floor

Juniper Hall Services

JH Building

Business Office (cash and credit card transactions) ST 1st floor
Career/Employment Center ST 415
EOP&S ST 205
Financial Aid (Fee Waivers only) ST 314
International Students ST 316
Transcript Request, Petition Processing,Verifications of Enrollment ST 1st floor
Other Student Services Near Mariposa Hall
ASO (student government) RH 105
Bookstore CH 102
Foster Youth Services CY 324

Parking Information

As a courtesy to our students, we DO NOT issue parking citations during the first week of school, unless someone is violating the disabled and staff parking restrictions. Campus parking includes the Flower Street lot, the Olive Street parking structure, Glory Church and the Grand Avenue lot under the 10 Santa Monica Freeway. The LA Mart also provides free overflow parking during the first eight weeks of the semester. Students may purchase a parking permit at the Business Office (cash/credit card transactions) or at Bridges to Success Center (credit card only).


What programs does LATTC have?

Information about our college and our programs of study can be found on our campus website and can be obtained at the Bridges to Success Center in Mariposa Hall. (MA 105) Information about proper class selection and career pathways can be obtained through Drop-in Counseling, located in MA 103 during READY WEEK, GO WEEK.

What classes can I enroll / register in?

You must check the list of open classes through our website. Please note that this open class information is only updated once every 24 hours, so some information may have changed as you view it.

The Open Computer Lab in Mariposa Hall are a good place to review the open class list online. You can also visit our Bridges to Success Center (MA 105) for further information.

Where is Financial Aid?

During READY WEEK, you will be able to visit the Financial Aid office on the second floor of Juniper Hall. During GO WEEK, the only Financial Aid services available will be fee waiver applications in ST-314. Any other questions need to be sent to this email address:

Campus Map

Campus Map & Directions

(Formerly ST Building)
  • Administrative Offices
  • Admissions & Records
  • Business Office
  • GAIN/Calworks
  • Career Center
  • Financial Aid
  • International Student Program
  • University Transfer Center
  • Assessment
  • Bridges to Success Center
  • Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSPS)
  • Drop-In Counseling
  • Labor Center
  • Academic Connections
  • Library
  • Open Computer Lab
  • Student Health Center
  • Tutoring
  • Veteran Student’s Center

How to read classroom location (Building/Room) information


ENGLISH 28                                                3.00 UNITS


Prerequisite: English 21.

1350     lec       7:30 – 10:05am            MTWTh          W.L. RYDER             OH/F229

Room Location:

  • OH = Oak Hall Building
  • F229 = Room number