Fees, Parking and Supplies

Students can pay their fees in one of three ways:

  1. Online ( using the SIS – PeopleSoft)
  2. Bridges to Success Center (MA 105) credit and debit card  ONLY
  3. Business Office (1st floor of Juniper Hall)

Enrollment fees: $46 per unit per semester

Fall /Spring Semester: Mandatory $11 health Services fee

Summer/Fall Intersession: Mandatory $8 health services fee

Student Representative fee: Mandatory $1 fee

Parking Fee:

  • Parking Fee-$20.00 General (Spring/Fall)
  • Parking Fee- $27.00 Preferred (Spring/Fall)
    • Olive Street Parking Facility – Entrance: Olive St., between Washington Bl. and 21st St.
    • Roof Lot (F·BuiIding) – Entrance: Southbound Flower St., between 22 St. and 23rd St.
  • Parking Fee- $10.00 Summer/Winter Intersession
    • For Summer & Winter Sessions, $10.00 General Student Parking Permits are accepted in Preferred Student Parking areas above.


Nonresident Tuition Fee Waiver Guidelines (pdf)

Out-Of-State Residents
$243 per unit + enrollment fee of $46 per unit = $289 per unit (Effective 2016-2017 Academic Year)

Foreign Citizens
$252 per unit + the enrollment fee of $46 per unit = $289 per unit  plus a $25 SEVIS fee

Effective Summer 2009, the availability of Non-Resident Tuition Waiver is based on three additional factors:

  1. The student is a citizen and a resident of a foreign country;
  2. The student is legally precluded from establishing residency in California;
  3. The student has an individual financial need

All of the above three conditions must be met to qualify for a Non-Resident Tuition Waiver.

NOTE: The I-Med fees for International Students have also increased to $600.00 for Fall and Spring Semesters.


LATTC Student Picture ID:

  • Bridges to Success Center can assist you with your FREE ID

**  Failure to pay fees will result in a hold on the student’s record which can prevent a student from registering  in classes the following semester. To avoid such holds students must make their mandatory fee payments within the first four weeks of their current semester or make additional payment arrangements with the Business Office.**

Associate Student Organization (ASO) programs are supported by a $7.00 membership fee, available at the Business Office, for day and evening students. These fees are necessary to utilize ASO services. Any student, upon enrolling, is eligible to become a paid member of the Associated Student Organization. Associated Student Organization members are entitled to all rights and privileges, including preferred parking, loan application, dances, athletic contests, and all activities of the Associated Students.
School Supplies:
  • Visit our Bookstore ( 1st floor Cedar Hall)  to purchase the books and supplies needed for your class.



Contact information
Visit us at: LATTC Mariposa Hall (MA), 1st Floor Room #105
Call us at: (213) 763-5560
Email us at: Bridges@lattc.edu, you will receive a response within 24 hours
The office is closed during Holidays and Sundays