Finding Services

Academic Connections

Academic Connections provides academic and student support services to all LATTC students. Specific services include: Computer Applications and Office Technology, GED Preparation, Learning Skills, Basic English and Math Skills, Noncredit ESL, ESL Civics, Computer Literacy, Certificates in College and Workplace Readiness, and General Tutoring.


The Admissions & Records Office is the initial contact for the future, present, and former students of L .A. Trade-Tech College.

Assessment Center

To ensure student success and quality instruction, all learning outcomes are assessed on a regular basis.  There are three types of assessments that are conducted on a regular basis at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College:  course, program (required specialized courses that make up the major), and general education program (required general courses from 5 areas).

Associate Student Organization (ASO)

Associated Student Organization (A.S.O.) serves to benefit the student body of Los Angeles Trade Tech College through support of academic achievement, public activism, and social service; A.S.O. strives to build a campus that is focused on the needs and welfare of students.


Trade-Tech College is a member of the South Coast Conference of which there are 10 colleges.Los Angeles Trade-Technical College started the athletics program in 1958, with the sports of Men’s Basketball and Track and Field.


Students can purchase books and supplies from the Bookstore.  The bookstore also has a “Book Buy Backs” program.

Business Office

The Business Office provides services to students such as: Fee Collections/Refunds, Official confirmation of course enrollment, Scholarship check awards handling and distribution. Metro TAP card reloads and discount information. Some of the services provided to staff are: Collection and Accounting of all campus funds, Conference Request, Tuition Reimbursements, Checks Requests and Metro Subsidy.

Career Center

The Career Center’s mission is to promote and equip students with effective career planning tools. The following career inventories are available: The Myers/Briggs Type Indicator (personality assessment), the COPS-COPES-CAPS career inventory, and the EUREKA Career Information System.  Career/Life Skills workshops, resume and interview workshops,  a library of career books, videotapes, pamphlets and computer-aided job development tools are also available to assist students with career and job opportunities.

Child Development

The Los Angeles Trade-Technical College Child Development Program is designed to meet the needs of those students who wish to prepare themselves for employment or who are currently employed in the Early Childhood Education or Elementary Education field. This curriculum prepares student to teach in programs for children including: private facilities, parent cooperative, Head Start programs, Children’s Centers and infant/toddler or school age programs. In addition, this program also prepares students to transfer to four-year universities in either Child Development or Teacher Education majors.

Disabled Students Programs and Services

The goal of LATTC DSPS is to provide accessibility and accommodations to all Los Angeles Trade-Tech College disabled students. DSPS facilitates campus wide participation in all activities and events to accommodate the needs of disabled students.

Financial Aid

The purpose of student financial aid is to provide financial assistance to students who, without such aid, would be unable to attend college. Financial aid is available from various sources such as federal and state governments, institutional, and community organizations, as well as individual donors.  Financial aid can be awarded in the form of grants, loans, work-study, scholarships, or a combination of these.

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services

The Extended Opportunity Programs and Service (EOPS) is a state funded program, which provides support services to eligible students attending Los Angeles Trade Technical College.  The program’s aim is to serve and encourage students to continue their education in the community college level.  The specific responsibility of EOPS is to develop and provide programs, services, techniques and activities that support students in addition to the ones received through traditional college program.


Is a welfare-to-work program that offers services to TANF recipients in education, job training, and job readiness to become successfully employed.

General Counseling

The counseling department offers a quality-counseling program dedicated to the achievement of students educational success and career goals.

Foster and Kinship

Highly dedicated to meeting the educational needs of foster/kinship youth, foster parents, adoptive parents, relative care providers, non-relative extended-family care providers and legal guardians.


The Honors program provides highly motivated students with an intellectually challenging educational experience designed to prepare them for a successful transition from community college to university.

International Students

LATTC is a public 2-year community college centrally located on a 25-acre campus in Downtown Los Angeles. We gladly accept international student applications from all over the world.

Lift-Off Program

LATTC Lift-Off program is open to all graduating seniors! LATTC can assist students in earning IGETC certification, Associate Degree, and Transfer to the University of their choice.


Puente is a nationally recognized one-year transfer program that provides students with instructional assistance, personal/career/academic guidance, and mentoring support.  Puente (Spanish for bridge) offers rigorous yet stimulating English and personal development courses that prepare students academically.  It also provides one-on-one mentoring by a professional who advises and guides students during their educational journey.


Scholarships are offered through Los Angeles Trade Technical College as well as several departments, foundation and community groups that are external to the college. Scholarships are generally awarded on the basis of academic merit, leadership, talent, and/or community service.

Sheriff’s Office

Los Angeles Trade Technical College contracts with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for all law enforcement services. The staff includes a Sergeant, a Team Leader, a Campus Deputy, and (11) armed Los Angeles County Sheriff Security Officers. Los Angeles County Security Officers undergo training with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Academy.

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center offers health care providers and a nursing staff for students who are enrolled at LATTC. A current school picture I.D. is required to be seen.

Transfer Center

Transfer Center offers transfer Workshops, assistance with CSU, UC, Private as well as out of state applications.

Umoja Community

Umoja, (a Kiswahili word meaning unity) is a community and critical resource dedicated to enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of African American and other students.

Veterans Affairs

The VSC provides the current information to extend opportunities to assist Veterans’ with achieving their educational goals.  The VSC environment encourages, advocates, motivates and promotes new and continuing Vets to reach a new plateau in their transition to re-connection to civilian society as it relates to education and a productive life.

Workforce and Economic Development

In January, 2009 the Workforce and Economic Development (WED) Division of the Los Angeles Trade-Technical College was established to ensure the college serves as a key provider of a skilled and educated workforce to meet the current and future needs of employers in the greater Los Angeles region.