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Welcome to the Green Workforce Education website within the Division of Workforce and Economic Development at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College.

In fall 2006, Los Angeles Trade-Technical College’s College Council approved the adoption of a Green College Initiative which is comprised of four, focused activity areas:  green built environment, clean and green campus, public awareness, and green education and training programs.

It is this fourth, activity area—green education and training—that the Green Workforce Education website is focused on.

In addition to the latest news on green activities, accomplishments, and events at the college (note: the latest stories are available at the bottom of the page) this website also provides a wealth of information and resources on the following topics.

Latest News and Events

For the most recent green activities, accomplishments, and events at the college click here.  Also included is a link to archived, older stories.

Education and Training

This page provides information on the college’s green education and training programs including certificate and degree programs, short-term training programs, and green courses. Click here to read more on Education and Training

Publications and Videos

This page includes a description and link to all publications and videos that the college’s green workforce programs are featured in. Click here to read more on Publications and Videos

Resources and Tools

This page includes many resource documents and tools the college has developed and uses for green workforce development activities including:  green jobs and green workforce development resources including most commonly used online resources, frequently asked questions about green jobs, inventory of green job studies; program design resources including labor market/industry research, career pathway mapping, employer engagement; and curriculum and classroom materials including course outlines, syllabi, rubrics, and classroom assignments/activities. Click here to read more on Resources and Tools

Green College Initiative

This page provides more information about the college’s Green College Initiative, in general, and more specifically about the three other focused activity areas:  green built environment, clean and green campus, and public awareness. Click here to read more on Green College Initiative

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  • 2012 Good Jobs: Green Jobs Western Regional Conference February 17, 2012
    GJGJ West Invite   On Thursday, March 15th and Friday, March 16 please join:   Los Angeles Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa James Hoffa, General President, International Brotherhood of Teamsters Allison Chin, Treasurer and Past President, Sierra Club Phil Angelides, Chairman, Apollo Alliance Project, BlueGreen Alliance   And other labor, environmental and green […]
  • Sustainable Landscaping Class at Trade Tech January 11, 2012
    Winter 2012 is underway at Trade Tech with an interesting class taking place along Flower Street. “Sustainable Landscaping” has caught the interest of a number of students as they learn proper techniques in irrigating and soil preparation. Instructors Wally Hanley and Willie Galvan are leading the class.
  • STEM Program: Summer at Trade Tech October 26, 2011
    We know it’s now deep into the Fall semester, but some folks did not get a chance to see one of the special programs we do to encourage high school students in science, technology, engineering and math. It’s known as the STEM program. We created this program thanks to grants secured by Leticia Barajas and […]
  • Governor Schwarzenegger Announces “Green Training” Initiative at Trade Tech September 8, 2009
    Calling LATTC an “incredible” institution, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger used the college as an appropriate backdrop for the announcement of a $75 million dollar jobs initiative which will focus on “green” training. The state plans to leverage some of the federal stimulus dollars to locate specific job training at colleges like Trade Tech. In addition to [… […]
  • Mayor Villaraigosa Celebrates Youth Job Program at Trade Tech July 13, 2009
    Mayor Villaraigosa is making a habit about coming to Trade Tech when he wants to talk about education. On Monday, July 13th he stopped by the campus for a tour of our Green Summer Youth Jobs program. The mayor stopped by the B-building and walked through the carpentry area, where he watched students learning “green” […]