Electrical Construction and Maintenance

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ECONMT 105 – Fundamentals of Solar Electricity

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ECONMT 110 – Renewable Energy Systems

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ECONMT 159 – Programmable Logic Controls

This course is a survey of the various types of robots presently being used in industry. Topics covered include principal types of robots, robotic programming, and interfacing. Main physical components, practical uses and applications are explored. Sustainable systems are covered.  For more information click HERE.

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ECONMT 164 – Sustainable Lighting Principles and Practices

The design of sustainable residential and commercial lighting systems. Including both indoor and outdoor applications. Utilizing drawings, lumen calculations, traditional and energy efficient light sources, color, lamp type, efficiency and maintenance requirements of lighting systems. For more information click HERE.

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ECONMT 187 – Advanced Programmable Controllers

This course focuses on advanced programmable controller techniques including ladder logic and Boolean algebra in a hands-on laboratory environment, including controllers for green electronic systems. For more information click HERE.

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ECONMT 205 – Solar Energy Installation & Maintenance Principles and Practices

This course is designed for individuals that have the basic electrical and mechanical skills of an energy technician or electrician and are looking to expand into the renewable energy field. This is a hands on class to develop the fundamental principles and practices for installation and maintenance of solar, wind, and similar renewable energy systems. This course covers basic planning, installation, and maintenance of the necessary components for various renewable energy systems. For more information click HERE.

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 ECONMT 210 – Fundamentals of Process Instrumentation

This class provides a study of the measurement and control of temperature, pressure, level, flow, humidity and other factors that can be analyzed and controlled. It includes a study of instrumentation symbols, Process and Instrumentation Diagrams, and the use of pneumatic and electric sensors, transmitters, controllers, valves, actuators, positioners, Programmable Logic Controllers, and computers to implement control strategy, including green technologies. Processes used to mitigate impact on the environment are covered. For more information click HERE.

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*For other construction-related green courses, see also Building Construction Techniques, Carpentry, Plumbing, and Refrigeration and Air Condition courses.