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Green Programs of Study Webinar Resource Page

This page provides additional information on Los Angeles Trade Technical College’s green workforce education programs, faculty bios and highlights of NRCCTE webinar’s featured programs.

Instructional Programs Featured

  • Alternative Fuels/Diesel TechnologyClick here for more details on LATTC’s Transportation programs
  • Architecture – Click here for more details on LATTC’s Architecture Program. Click here to see additional Architecture information
  • Solar Design and Installation – Click here for more details on LATTC’s Solar Photovoltaic Installer Programs

LATTC Webinar Panelists

Roland “Chip” Chapdelaine, President, LATTC

Dr. Chapdelaine has held increasingly progressive positions in the community college area for over 38 years.  He has served as CEO and as a College President at four colleges for a cumulative total of over 20 years.  His doctoral work is in the application of behavioral learning theory as applied to teaching undergraduate Biology to non-majors.  Significant course work and research was done in Fisheries Biology (Lake Michigan), Experimental Psychology (Neurobiology) and Natural Resources (habitat studies).  Chip, as Dr. Chapdelaine prefers to be called, is passionate about the community college movement, believing that the creation of the Community College was one of the most important actions taken in the history of education.  For the past 5 years, he has proudly served as President of the Trade Tech family, where student success and growth continue to flourish.

Marcy Drummond, Vice President for Workforce and Economic Development

Marcy Drummond is Vice President for Workforce and Economic Development at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College (LATTC) where she also held positions of Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Research, Planning, and Community Development.

Ms. Drummond spearheaded LATTC’s Green College Initiative and is the convener of the Los Angeles Infrastructure and Sustainable Jobs Collaborative, demonstrating that her commitment to green workforce development is unparalleled among community college administrators. Los Angeles Trade-Technical College’s green workforce efforts and programs have received national media attention—featured in publications such as On Campus, Sustainable Industries, Community College Journal, Green Technology Magazine, Christian Science Monitor, ABC News.com, and on television shows such as Focus Earth with Bob Woodward.

Ms. Drummond has recently been appointed a member of the National Commission on Energy Policy’s Task Force on America’s Future Energy Jobs and Green For All’s national Green Pathways Out of Poverty Community of Practice.  In 2008, she was awarded the Green Achievement Award for Workforce Development by an Individual by Green Technology Magazine and in 2010 the Energy Star Award by the President’s Roundtable.

Leticia Barajas, Dean of Academic Affairs, Division of Workforce and Economic Development

Leticia Barajas has served as Dean of Academic Affairs at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College (LATTC) for nearly five years, supervising the largest Career Technical Education departments including: Construction, Design and Manufacturing, Transportation, Art Trades/Fashion.  Her work with the Green College Initiative has resulted in numerous degree and certificate programs that address the green workforce development needs of the region including Solar, Weatherization/Energy Efficiency, and Alternative Fuels/Hybrid Technologies.  Her current projects include developing specialized academies in the areas of Clean Energy, Green Transportation, Design and Health Care, programs which are designed for increased access and success of the underserved communities in the greater Los Angeles region.

Jess Guerra, Associate Professor of Diesel, Alternative Fuels, and Hybrid Vehicle Technologies

Jess Guerra is an Associate Professor in the Diesel, Alternative Fuel & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Program at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College where he is also an alumnus. Jess Guerra spent his first six years in the transportation industry working with large truck fleets, where he honed his technical training and experience in running a maintenance shop.  With six years of experience working for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Jess expanded his expertise in alternative fuels and transit bus shop supervision.

Jess currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Southern California Regional Transit Training Consortium–a consortia comprised of multiple transit bus companies and community colleges that focuses on the technical training of bus maintenance technicians and other personnel, and also as the Vice Chairman for California Council of Diesel Education and Technology, a council formed by the California Air Recourses Board, that provides training on emission regulations enforcement for Diesel vehicles.

Marcela Oliva, Professor of Architecture and Environmental Design

Professor Marcela Oliva has been teaching Architecture and Environmental Design at LATTC for over 8 years. She serves as a team member of the NASA Knowledge Architecture team. Additionally, she has partnered with the LAUSD High School Interesting Students Exploring Excellence (iSEE) program,. Their efforts have facilitated the first and largest High School initiative, offering transfer courses in the Architecture and Engineering field to accredited programs. Professor Oliva’s students are currently modeling building envelopes as a living organism, exploring “green design retrofit” for cargo containers, and visualizing urban design strategies in real time using: smart mapping, smart tools, nature’s patterns/structures, biomechanics for space making, and multiple layers of information, energy simulations, eco-economic strategies, rapid prototypes, cognitive strategies and recording of human potential.

Brano Goluza, Instructor, Electrical and Solar

Brano Goluza has been a tenured-track faculty at  Trade Tech since 2008 where he has design and built two solar laboratories which serve as a spring board for multitude of students into the world of clean energy technology. Mr. Goluza is NABCEP Certified and is currently a Renewable Energies, as well as a Photovoltaic Installation instructor at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, where he serves as one of the leaders in Clean Technology training providers in California.  His experience in the construction industry as a Journeyman electrician and a licensed electrical contractor spans over three decades of hands-on experience.