F-1 Concurrent Enrollment


If you are an F-1 student currently studying at another college or university* in the United States with a valid I-20, you can take part-time classes at LATTC.  Please bring the following documents to our office (Building ST 415):

  1. A concurrent permission letter from your DSO.  The letter must include course names as well as the semester you will be taking the classes.  You must submit a new permission letter for every semester you wish to take classes.
  2. Your current I-20
  3. Your valid passport and visa/I-94

After you visit our office, you may then fill out the LATTC application and enroll for your classes.
The cost for tuition is $258 per unit (subject to change).  P
lease call our office if you need additional information:  (213) 763-5345.

*Students who are currently enrolled at a language school for “language training” will not be permitted to take part-time classes at LATTC per USCIS policies.