Forms & Deadlines


International overseas students are only admitted for Fall and Spring semesters. Applications from abroad should be submitted before July 1 for the Fall semester and before December 1st for the Spring semester.

Application deadlines are flexible for students who wish to transfer to LATTC from an institution within the U.S. It is advisable to apply well before the start of registration.  In general, if you are applying for the Fall, it is best to transfer by August.  If you are applying for the Spring, it is best to transfer by January.  If you wish to transfer during the Summer session, contact our office for more information.

Spring 2016 Application Deadlines:

  • Students applying from outside the USA:  December 1st
  • F-1 transfer students currently studying in the USA:  January 7th
  • Change of status students:  depends on I-94 departure date, visa expiration date and other factors.  Call to an schedule appointment with the DSO.

Please note there will be a mandatory new student orientation for FALL 2015 semester:
Date, Time, and Location To Be Determined.

To request an application or to receive further information, please contact our office at
(213) 763-5345 or email us at


You may print out these forms and fill them out in pen – remember to print clearly.  The original  completed forms must be submitted to our office via mail or in-person (unless otherwise stated on the form). Use the Application Checklist to assist you in the process.

International Student Application - This is the LATTC International Students Application Form. Please fill it out completely, do not leave anything blank.  Once our office receives ALL application documents, allow 2-4 business days for processing time.

Affidavit of Support - This form is to be filled out by the person agreeing to provide financial support for the student (i.e.: sponsor).  If the student is supporting himself/herself then he/she must fill out this form.  Please remember to attach an official bank statement dated within the last 6 months with a minimum balance of $19,500 USD.

Transfer Eligibility - This form is to be used by F-1 students currently studying in the United States who wish to transfer to LATTC.  Please have the Designated School Official (DSO) at your current school fill out this form and mail it to us.  Your DSO may also fax it to (213) 763-5991.