Labor Center

Director: Kathleen Yasuda

Phone number: (213) 763-7160

Associate Director:

Hours of operation:
Monday-Friday: 8:30 am to 4 pm

Location: Mariposa Hall 05

Phone number: (213) 763-7129

Instructor in front of classSince its inception in 1978, the Labor Center at Los Angeles Trade Technical College has motivated and trained more than 25,000 union members, activists, and leaders from unions throughout the region. They come together, earning college credit, to learn and share experiences and ideas on building their unions. These leaders have helped transform the Los Angeles Labor Movement into one of the nation’s strongest and most influential voices for working families.

The list of classes offered at the Labor Center show the wide range of topics covered: Grievance and Arbitration, Strategic Bargaining, Labor Law and Political Action Techniques. These engaging and fast-paced Labor Studies classes are designed to meet the needs of working people from professional to blue collar, private and public sector. The current schedule lists the 3-unit evening classes and the 1-unit weekend classes offered at union halls and at Trade Tech College.


While building on their union activism and experience, students can advance their growth and careers by earning an Associate in Arts Degree or Certificate of Completion in Labor Studies. The list of exemplary Instructors and Advisory Board Members reflects the breadth of experience and expertise that helped to build the largest Labor Studies program in the country.

The Labor Center also tailors classes to meet the specialized needs of officers, staff, stewards and activists in individual unions, or councils of unions that can be held at your own union hall. These Specially Designed Classes allow union leaders and activists to earn college credit while training in union building and problem solving.

Please click here to request an Application/Brochure to join us for hands-on training, a foundation of knowledge and college credit, all in a spirit of union solidarity and camaraderie.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact us or call (213) 763-7129.