Instructors & Staff





John R. McDowell, Jr.,Founding Director, Labor Center at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, Political Director, LA College Faculty Guild, Local 1521, Chair, California Student Aid Commission, B.A. Social Sciences, M.A. Sociology, California State University, Sacramento (1970).

Kathleen Yasuda, Organizer, Labor Center Coordinator, Grievance Rep., AFT Local 1521, M.A. Public Policy, Human Services, Education and Labor, Harvard University (1998).

Lou Siegel
, Communications Coordinator, Labor Public Relations Specialist, working exclusively with unions on research, writing and strategies for organizing, bargaining and internal campaigns. B.A. Windham College (1975).

Vivien A. De La Torre, Assistant, B.A, Social Sciences, University of Santo Tomas (1987).

Olga Garcia, Assistant, A career District employee since 1993. A.A. Degree, Liberal Arts, Los Angeles Trade-Technical College (2001).

David Adelstein, Labor Attorney and partner, Bush, Gottlieb, Singer, Lopez, Kohanski, Adelstein, and Dickinson, J.D., McGeorge School of Law (1982).





Chuck Adinolfi, Field Director, UFCW Local 324, A.A. Social Science, Rio Hondo College.

  Tanya Akel





 Tanya Akel, Educator and Project Director, UCLA-LOSH, M.A. Urban Planning.

Joaquin Calderon, Recording Secretary, LCLAA-SG Valley, B.A., Political Studies, Pitzer College (1999).

Robert Cantore
, Labor Attorney and Partner, Gilbert & Sackman, J.D., St. John’s University School of Law (1974).

Mindy Chen





Mindy Chen, Trainer, Student Intern Program, AFT 1521, M.S. Ed. Pyschological Services.


Teresa Conrow, Labor Organizer/Educator in U.S. and abroad, B.A. Sociology, Earlham College, IN (1979).

Deogracia Cornelio, Associate Director of Education, UCLA-LOSH, M.A., Latin American Studies, University of Florida (2003).

Katarina del Valle-Thompson, Union Director of Registered Nurses, SEIU Local 721, A.S. Degree, Glendale College (1995).

Linda Delp, Director, UCLA-LOSH, M.A. Public Health, UCLA (1983).

Scott Ford, Worker’s Comp. Attorney and Partner, Ford and Wallach,  J.D. Loyola Law School, Los Angeles (1992).  Ford and  Wallach Facebook Page

Carl Friedlander, President, Community College Council/CFT, M.A. English. 



 Gillian Goldberg, Labor Attorney and Partner, Holguin, Garfield, Martinez & Quiñonez, APLC., J.D. UCLA School of Law (2006).

 JimmY Gomez

Jimmy Gomez, Assemblyman, 51st Assembly District, M.A. Public Policy, Harvard University.





Esmie Grubbs, Executive Director, AFT Local 1475, B.A. Sociology, Mount St. Mary’s College. 

Matt Hart, Union Representative, UFCW Local 324, B.A. Labor Studies. 




Marcus Hatcher, Director of Representational Excellence, SEIU-UHW, B.A. Communications, University of Nevada Las Vegas.

rusty hicks photo

Rusty Hicks, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, L.A. County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, B.A., Political Science, Austin College (2002).


Bob Hunt, Labor Attorney, J.D., Loyola Law School (1991).

Mary Hodge





Mary Hodge, Political Campaign Consultant, B.A., Political Science, University of Akron (2008).

steven holguin photo

Steven Holguin, Principal, Holguin, Garfield, Martinez & Quinonez , APLC, J.D., UCLA School of Law.

 Jody Klipple, Negotiator, SEIU 721, J.D., Southwestern Law School (2011). 

Kenadi Le, Program Coordinator, Dolores Huerta Labor Institute, J.D., UC Davis (2004).

Lewis Levy
Lewis Levy, Labor Attorney and Partner, Levy Phillips,  Southwest University School of Law (1982). 

Ghosha Maffei, Labor Educator, B.S., Labor Studies, Rutgers University, M.P.A., Tennessee State (1981).
June McMahon, Former Coordinator, Labor Programs, UCLA Labor Center, M.A., Education, UCLA (1989).






Armando Olivas, Regional Director, AFL-CIO Community Services, B.S. Human Services, CSU Fullerton (1980).






Caroline O’Connor, Director of Communications, Screen Actors Guild Foundation, Masters in Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin (2009).

Joseph L Paller, Jr., Labor Attorney/Partner, Gilbert & Sackman, J.D., UCLA School of Law (1978).

Adam Stern
Adam Stern, The Myers Law Group, J.D., Southwest University School of Law (1987).

James Varga





James Varga, J.D., West Coast Counsel, IATSE, Glendale University College of Law (1977).

Jim Walker, Attended University of Phoenix, over 20 yrs. experience in Labor Relations.

Cheryl Wallach                               

Cheryl Wallach, Worker’s Comp. Attorney and Partner, Ford and Wallach,  J.D. Pepperdine University (1991).  Ford and Wallach Facebook Page

 Jackie White




Jackie White, Union Trustee/Training Coordinator, NALC Branch 24, A.A. Labor Studies, LATTC (1988).

Ericka Wills, Labor Educator, United Steelworkers District 12, M.S. English, Illinois State University.






Goetz Wolff, Lecturer, School of Public Affairs, UCLA, M.A. Political Science.

Lou Zigman, Arbitrator, Attorney, J.D., George Washington University Law School (1969). Member of National Academy of Arbitrators; formerly with NLRB for 10 years.