Video Library

The Center loans videotapes free of charge to students, schools, unions, and other community groups. Refundable $10 required per video/DVD.








10,000 Black Men Named George (DVD, 89 min., 2002) Docudrama of the life of A. Philip Randolph and the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters.
At The River I Stand (DVD, 56 min., 1993) How the Memphis sanitation workers fought to prove that they were “men” with the help of M.L. King.
Babies and Banners (45 min., 1978) Explores women’s key role in winning the historic 1937 GM sit-down strike.
Big H (25 min.) A film-noir detective story introducing the history of working people and the problems of understanding the past.
Bound for Glory (DVD, 146 min., 1976) David Carradine rides the rails as the legendary Woody Guthrie in Hal Ashby’s biopic.
Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin (DVD, 83 min., ) Lifelong peace and civil rights activist who organized the 1963 March on Washington and co-founded the A. Philip Randolph Institute.
Christ in Concrete (DVD, 116 min., 1949)  Based on Pietro di Donato’s prize-winning novel about an Italian immigrant bricklayer and his family in New York City.�
Daughters of Free Men (25 min.) Yankee farm girls working in theLowell textile mills of the 1830s confront a new world of opportunity and exploitation.
Golden Lands, Working Hands (DVD), Ten-part series on the history of working people from the Gold Rush to the present.
Grapes of Wrath (DVD, 128 min., 1940) Depicts a family’s struggle to escape Dust Bowl desolation and exploitation as migrant farm workers in California during the Great Depression.
Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl (25 min.) Documentary on the 1909 shirtwaist strike and the panoramic world of immigrant working women in turn-of-the-century New York.
Hoffa (DVD, 140 min., 1991) Danny DeVito’s compelling biographical drama of Jimmy Hoffa, the powerful Teamsters leader who shaped one of the nation’s most influential labor unions.
If You Don’t Come In Sunday, Don’t Come In Monday (59 min., 1976) History of the American Labor Movement, covers 400 years using original photographs, documentary film footage, cartoons and newsreel footage.
Inheritance (55 min., 1964) The long bitter, struggle of workers against economic exploitation, picketing, mass demonstrations, sit-ins, violence and even death.
Killing Floor (117 min., 1984) A young black man comes from Mississippi in 1917 to work in a Chicago meat-packing plant and joins and fights for the union.
Matewan (DVD, 142 min., 1987) Union miners clash with the owner of a tyrannical coal company, battling race-baiting, corruption and betrayal in the Coal Wars of 1920-21.�
Modern Times (DVD, 87 min., 1936) Charlie Chaplin’s look at the ups and downs of industrialization.
Molly Maguires (DVD, 123 min., 1970) Sean Connery is the leader of a secret society of militant miners.
Newsies (DVD, 121 min., )Disney musical based on a 1899 newspaper boy’s strike in New York City against Joseph Pulitzer.
On the Waterfront (DVD, 108 min., 1982) Academy award winning film about the gang-ridden East Coast Waterfront.
Organizers (126 min., 1963) Marcelo Mastroianni leads a strike in the textile mills in Italy in the late 1800s.  Italian with sub-titles.
River Ran Red (58 min., 1993) The gripping account of Carnegie Steel Works’ brutal suppression in the 1982 Homestead strike.
Rosie of the Riveter (60 min., 1980) The fascinating experience of women workers in American industry during World War II.
Salt of the Earth (DVD, 94 min., 1953) Classic 1953 film about a New Mexico miners’ strike.  Made with blacklisted writers and actors.
Smashing the Tower (18 min., 1996) Gripping tale of the 1946 Oakland General Strike.
Songs of Solidarity (1992) 14 labor songs featured at the 1991 Solidarity Day, including Willie Nelson and Pete Seeger.
Strike Story (California Working 30 min.) The great San Francisco Maritime and General Strike of 1934, with historical news footage, slides and interviews.
Teamster Boss (DVD, 90 min., 1992) HBO feature traces rise and fall of Teamster leader Jackie Presser.
Triangle Fire (DVD, 60 min.) Tragic 1911 garment factory fire that killed 146 people, including union strike leaders, forced landmark health and safety legislation.
Union Maids (48 min., 1977) Sit-downs, scabs, goon squads, unemployment, hunger marches and finally, the energetic birth of the CIO. Told by three women who lived the history.








  9 to 5 (DVD, 110 min., 1980) Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton kidnap their sexist boss and take over the department.
  Ant Bully (DVD, 89 min., 2006, Animation.)  Ants retaliate after they reduce the “Destroyer” to their size.
  At The River I Stand (DVD, 56 min., 1993) How the Memphis sanitation workers fought to prove that they were “men” with the help of M.L. King.
  Babies and Banners (45 min., 1978) Explores women’s key role in winning the historic 1937 GM sit-down strike.
  Bread and Roses (DVD, 105 min.,) Gripping story of immigrant workers who fight against the million dollar corporation exploiting them.
  Chicken Run (DVD, 1 hr. 24 min., 2000, Animation) Animated film of chickens in a poultry plant who organize and learn to literally fly to freedom by working together.
House Calling  (28 min.) Uses humor to teach the do’s and don’ts in house calling on an organizing drive.
I Am Somebody (40 min. 1969) Hospital workers’ strike in 1969 for union recognition.
Justice for Janitors (15 min., 1991) L.A. Police brutalize SEIU members demonstrating in Century City against ISS Inc., a giant Danish multinational corporation.
Killing Floor (117 min., 1984) A young black man comes from Mississippi in 1917 to work in a Chicago meat-packing plant and joins and fights for the union.
Labor Women (DVD, 30 min., 2002) Issues of race and gender in unions, examining the experiences of Asian women organizers.
Norma Rae (DVD, 117 min., 2001) Academy award winning feature film based on a true story about union organizing in Southern textile mills.
  Power at Work: Teamster Member-to-Member Action Program (15 min.) How to systematically reach out to and involve every member in the union.
  Turning Point: Justice at the Horseshoe (33 min.) How HERE won a contract from the Horseshoe in Las Vegas in a long, bitter and costly strike in the late 1980s.











American Dream (DVD, 102 min., 1992) Barbara Koppel’s documentary on the 1984 strike at the Minnesota Hormel plant.
America’s Victory – The 1997 UPS Strike (version 2, 10 min.) The Teamsters defeat the packaging giant in a brilliantly executed public campaign.
Billy Elliot (DVD, 111 min., 2000) A young boy from a mine-working family embroiled in a strike battle discovers a passion for ballet that changes his life.
City on the Edge The gap between rich and poor in the hotel industry and the employers’ offensive to drive down wages in a 1993 citywide bargaining campaign.
Collective Bargaining, An Inside Look (45 min. 1979) A realistic portrayal of techniques to improve the skills of committee members for successful negotiating.
Harlan County War (DVD, 104 min., 2000) A coal miner’s wife fights for her community during theHarlanCounty strike.  Holly Hunter.
Made in Dagenham (DVD, 113 min., 2010) Landmark 1968 labor strike initiated by women who rebelled against discrimination and demanded the same pay as men for their work in a London auto plant.
Tale of Two Hotels (California Working, 30 min.) Shows higher union productivity by comparing union and non-union construction.










Arbitration:The Truth of the Matter (48 min., 1976) Credibility of the witnesses: an  arbitrator examines the testimony of witnesses and comments on their effectiveness.
Button Button (29 min., 1975) Handling a grievance up to the second step of the grievance procedure.
Case of Barbara Parsons (52 min., 1980) Dramatizes labor contract violation and illustrates the four main steps in the grievance procedure.
Case of Militant Shop Steward (27 min., 1980) Union grieves the firing of a shop steward who was processing a grievance.
Dos and Don’ts of Grievance (17 min.) A hands-on look at the Grievance Process using three case studies.
Seniority vs. Ability: A Promotion Grievance (22 min., 1976) Use of evidence in a grievance for an insurance claims examiner passed over for promotion.�









Big One (DVD, 91 min., 1998) Michael Moore asks why companies are laying off workers while reaping huge profits.
Brassed Off (DVD, 101 min., 1997) British coal miners prepare for the big brass band competition as the government plans to close the pits.
Business as Usual (89 min., 1987) Upbeat, sociocomic story of one woman’s triumph over job discrimination.
Capitalism: A Love Story (DVD, 127 mins., 2009) Michael Moore’s amusing and scathing account of banking and corporate manipulation leading to the 2008 worldwide financial breakdown.
Charlie Chaplin 6, 1915 (Work/A Women/The Bank/Shanghaied) (DVD) 15 to 20 minuet on social political issues.
Charlie Chaplin 7, 1915 (Night in the Show/A Burlesque on Carmen/Police/The Floorwalker) (DVD, 2003) 15 to 20 minuet on social political issues.
Devil’s Miner (DVD, 82 min., 2005) An astonishing portrait of two brothers who work deep inside the silver mines of Bolivia, hoping to earn money to go to school and escape the mines.
El Norte (DVD, 140 min., 1983)  Guatemalan immigrants escape persecution, seeking a new life in “the North.”
Full Monty (DVD, 95 min., 1997) Humorous account of effects of unemployment on working class men inEngland.
Inside Job (DVD, 120 mins., 2010)  Oscar-winning documentary on the root cause of the 2008 financial meltdown.
Mightier Than the Sword  (12 min., 1990) The need to improve Labor’s image through communication with members and the public.
Morristown: In the Air and Sun (60 min., 2007) Cross-border solidarity and corporate greed explored in this poignant documentary.
North Country (DVD, 126 min., 2005) Women breaking the gender barrier in hazardous Minnesota iron mines with the nation’s first class-action sexual harassment lawsuit.
Out of Darkness (DVD, 100 min.) Film and photographs in first-hand accounts of Mine Workers’ 1980’s battle with Pittston Coal.
Outsourced (DVD, 105 min., 2006) Amusing account of an American marketing executive in India to train “fulfillment center” workers.
Roger and Me (DVD, 91 min., 1989) Michael Moore tries doggedly to see the man at the top, GM Chairman Roger Smith as auto plants are shut down in this hard-hitting lampoon of corporate America.
Sewing Our Future (Californian Working, 30 min.) U.S. apparel in the 1990s – Free Trade Agents and jobs in the U.S.
Sicko (DVD, 123 min., 2007) Michael Moore takes on the American health care system, contrasting it with the free universal care offered by much of the rest of the world.
This Is What Democracy Looks Like (DVD, 70 min., 2000) Documentary on WTO protests in Seattle.
Tribute to Working Families (California Working, 30 min.) How changes in the American family (juggling work, child care, and finances) affect the way we work and live.
Wall Street (DVD, 126 min., 1987) An entertaining look at the illegal, lucrative world of corporate espionage.  The American Dream gone wrong. �
Walmart the High Cost of Low Price (DVD, 2005, 97 min.) Takes you behind the scenes and into the real lives of workers and their families, business owners and their communities.








Harlan County, USA (DVD, 104 min., 2001) Barbara Koppel’s Academy award winning documentary on the dramatic 1970s struggle for workers rights in the Kentucky coal mines.
Out of Control (OCAW, 34 min.) The story of corporate disregard for worker and community safety and environmental responsibility in the petro-chemical industry.
Silkwood (DVD, 134 min., 1983)Cher and Meryl Streep star in this story of Karen Silkwood, an OCAW member working for safety in her plutonium processing plant.
Song of the Canary (60 min., 1978) Pesticides causing sterility, “brown lung” in textile mills; protecting workers and consumers against dangerous untested chemicals.
Theater in the Fields (California Working, 30 min.) The risks of toxins and pesticides to farm workers and consumers.
Triangle Fire (DVD, 60 min.) Tragic 1911 garment factory fire that killed 146 people, including union strike leaders, forced landmark health and safety legislation.