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The goal of the LAEC’s Energy Efficiency and Weatherization  Training  programs are to provide short-term industry-recognized training for entry-level weatherization and energy efficiency professionals, as well as certificates and degree programs to provide a career pathways in the renewable/green construction and engery sectors.  As part of LATTC’s Green College Initiative, we are committed to providing workers with the requisite skills and expertise for green occupations and industries in Los Angeles.

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Program Highlights:

LATTC has an over 85 year history responding to the workforce development and training needs of industry in both stable and emerging technical fields,  and clearly, there is an emerging need for green building professionals and energy efficiency specialists. Green building techniques and the associated Energy Efficiency techniques are cross-related to the fields of construction, HVAC and energy. LATTC’s Construction, Design, and Manufacturing department is the largest in the state and ranks #1 for conferring degrees and certificates in Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, and Machining and Machine Tools. LATTC is the only community college in the city of LA to offer Construction, Electrical, Carpentry, and HVAC degrees, so it is logical that we offer training , Certificates, and Degrees in Weatherization and related Green Programs.

Professionals are trained to install energy efficient products for residential or building retrofits, including windows, doors, insulation, lighting and other materials in compliance with new construction and retrofitting standards. They also replace energy inefficient appliances, furnaces, water heaters, air conditioning units, and other appliances with more energy efficient upgrades. Sealing the “envelope” of a building is a large part of the process which includes replacing or sealing air ducts where air leakage occurs.

The reduction in energy loss when a home is weatherized greatly benefits the environment. The construction and operation of residential and commercial buildings in the U.S. accounts for 39 percent of our total energy use. This compares to the industrial sector at 33 percent and the transportation sector at 28 percent of total U.S. energy use. Because buildings are such a significant consumer of energy and contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, they also need to be a focal point for any potential solutions. As California’s legislation and policy move in the direction of requiring that buildings become more energy efficient, the cluster of energy efficiency jobs that perform this work will be in great demand.

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