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The Bridge to College Program at Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC) provides students the opportunity to concurrently enroll in college courses while still in high school free of cost. The purpose of the program is to provide:

Bridges to Success Center,

Office Hours
Monday- Thursday: 8:00am-8:00pm
Friday: 8:00am-1:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am-12:00pm

(213) 763-5560

Para información en Español:
(213) 763-5561


Advanced scholastic academic work: Courses applicable towards a two or four year degree or courses beyond the scope of a high school's program.

Vocational Training: Any course in a variety of vocational fields (e.g. Architecture, Automotive, Cosmetology, Electrical, etc).

Non-Credit Courses: Open entry/exit courses that do not carry any college unit credit intended for personal enrichment.

Early college experience: Students will become familiar with college work and procedures while still in high school.

If you wish to join the Bridge to College program you must be recommended by your principal, assistant principal, or counselor and have parental permission.

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