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Update Your Email Address in
the Student Information System (SIS)

Beginning with the summer 2007 term, our course management system, Moodle, requires students to have accounts in the SIS. This will allow us to auto-generate login ids and passwords. For more information contact Linda Delzeit.
  1. Start at:
  2. Click on links to Student Information System.
  3. Enter Student ID # or Social Security Number.
  4. Enter PIN as MMDD of the month and day you were born.
  5. Upon first entering the SIS, you will see the box that lists the email id for you in the system.   If this is empty or says N/A you need to update it.   Without a current email id, your account cannot be generated for the campus course management system.
  6. First step in updating your email id is to click on the word EDIT in the top right of that box.  
  7. Remove any contents that are in the box and enter a complete, current working email id.  
  8. Lastly, click on the word UPDATE and your email id will be changed and saved to the system.


  • 100% online classes may have 1-3 scheduled meetings on campus required for orientation, mid-term and final exams. Check the individual class home page and/or syllabus for those requirements.

  • Hybrid classes are a blend of on campus and online hours. A hybrid class meets a minimum of 50% on campus and the rest will be online.

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August 3, 2009