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Photo: Parking
Students: Olive Street Parking Structure, Glory Church, Orthopedic Lot, Roof (Permit Only), and the A Freeway Lot (Valid until: June 30, 2009).
Students and Visitors: Metered Lot (Olive Street Parking Structure)
Guests: Roof Lot or as indicated on permit.
Disabled Placards: Students and Staff members holding a valid disabled placard are allowed to park in any handicapped stall throughout the campus.
Motorcycles and Mopeds: No permit required; parking is restricted to motorcycle/moped parking area.
Bicycles: No permit required; bike racks are located throughout campus. (Bikes must be walked on campus.)
All vehicular parking at Trade-Tech is by valid permit only and in designated parking lots as posted. All California Vehicle Sections apply on campus. A copy of the College's parking rules and regulations is printed in the College Catalog, the Schedule of Classes, and may also be obtained by contacting the College Sheriff's Detail. For rideshare information we suggest you visit the Southern California Rideshare website.

For more information, contact the Sheriff's Department at:

  • Office: D-150
  • Telephone: (213) 763-3600
  • Campus Pay Phones: Press *80
  • Office hours: 24 Hours Daily