Personnel & Liaisons

Office Hours

M-Th: 8:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M.
F: 8:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.


213/763-3950 Circulation Desk
213/763-3958 Reference Desk

Faculty and Staff
Dean Nicole Albo-Lopez, MHPE Dean, Academic Affairs
MA 205G
Judith Samuel Department Chairperson, Library
MA 205B
ext. 3959
Lisa Nitsch Cataloging Librarian
MA 205A
ext. 3978
Sally Romero Librarian
MA 205C
ext. 5583
Nenita Blanco Library Technician
ext. 3965
Monica Castillo Library Technician
ext. 3961
Monica Hernandez Library Technician
ext. 3963


Department and Discipline List                                      Fall 2014

Department Librarian Liaison
Academic Connections and ESL (non-credit) Sally Romero
Behavioral & Social Sciences
    Administration of Justice Lisa Nitsch
    Anthropology Judith Samuel
    Child Development Sally Romero
    Cultural Geography Judith Samuel
     Education Sally Romero
    History Judith Samuel
    Philosophy Judith Samuel
    Political Science Lisa Nitsch
    Psychology Sally Romero
    Sociology Sally Romero
Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Computer Application & Office Technology(CAOT)
    Accounting Lisa Nitsch
    Business Sally Romero
    Community and Economic Development Lisa Nitsch
    Computer Applications and Office Technology Lisa Nitsch
    Economics Lisa Nitsch
    Finance Sally Romero
    International Relations Sally Romero
    Management Supervision Sally Romero
    Marketing and Public Relations Lisa Nitsch
    Paralegal Lisa Nitsch
    Real Estate Lisa Nitsch
    Retail Management Sally Romero
    Small Business Entrepreneurship Sally Romero
Construction, Design, and Manufacturing Judith Samuel
Cosmetology Sally Romero
Culinary Arts Judith Samuel
Design and Media Arts Sally Romero
Electronics and  Computer Technology Lisa Nitsch
English/ESL (credit) Judith Samuel
Labor Studies Lisa Nitsch
Language Arts and Humanities
    Art Judith Samuel
    American Sign Language Sally Romero
    French Judith Samuel
    Humanities Judith Samuel
    Music Lisa Nitsch
    Spanish Sally Romero
    Speech/Communication Studies Lisa Nitsch
    Theater Lisa Nitsch
Mathematics Lisa Nitsch
Nursing and Allied Arts Judith Samuel
Health/Kinesiology/Physical Education Sally Romero
      Anatomy Judith Samuel
      Astronomy Sally Romero
      Biology Lisa Nitsch
      Chemical Technology Lisa Nitsch
      Chemistry Lisa Nitsch
      Engineering Lisa Nitsch
      Environmental Science Judith Samuel
      Geography Judith Samuel
      Geology Judith Samuel
      Microbiology Lisa Nitsch
       Physics Lisa Nitsch
       Physiology Judith Samuel
      Solid Waste Management Technology Judith Samuel
      Street Maintenance Technology Lisa Nitsch
      Water and Wastewater Technology Judith Samuel
Transportation Technology Lisa Nitsch