Mission & Vision


The Los Angeles Trade Technical Community College Library is committed to supporting the LATTC College’s Mission and its focus on Academic, Vocational, Occupational, and Career Degrees and Certificate Programs.

The LIBRARY’S MISSION is to provide current and reliable library resources and services using information technology which support the research, teaching and learning needs of the entire college community.  The library strives to offer excellent customer service to all library users, as well as provide an easily accessible, user-friendly, and safe environment that fosters teaching and learning for both library users and library employees.

To fulfill this mission, the library is committed to:

  • Serving the college community by evaluating, collecting, organizing, preserving, and providing access to vital resources of information in various formats, both print and electronic.
  • Providing library services that meet the educational needs of our students and faculty, in direct support of the curriculum.
  • Encouraging and facilitating information competency, critical thinking, collaborative learning, and intellectual development.
  • Promoting independent life-long learning skills to all students, no matter what their educational goal or objective.
  • Encouraging the activity of reading to our students, through the display of relevant and current library books on various subjects and themes.


As the center of the college community for inquiry, learning, exploration, and discovery, the library plays a vital role in education, learning, and information competency on campus by:

  • Actively seeking to replace older books in the collection, if adequate budget allows.
  • Promoting the value of library resources in various formats, both print and electronic to the college community.
  • Striving to incorporate new and vital information technology into the library, in support of the curriculum.
  • Collaborating with various individuals in the campus community, to ensure that the library continues to represent a vital institution on campus.