Outreach & Recruitment


Student Recruitment and Outreach provides college staff to attend local events where there is a market for future L.A. Trade-Tech students. We have one-on-one and group contact with interested students and others. Students are informed about our programs, services and will be guided through the registration steps.


Event Participation

Recruitment Events

Dates Location Time Event
9/25/13 Homeboy Idustries 10:00 AM Presentation
10/16/13 Maywood Academy 7:00 am Presentation
10/16/13 Bravo High School 9:00 AM Presentation
10/16/13 Animo Ralph 10:00 AM College Fair
10/23/13 West Adams H.S. 8:00 AM College Fair
10/24/13 Manual Arts H.S. 10:00 AM College Fair
10/24/13 Humanitias H.S. 11:00 AM College Fair
10/30/13 Crenshaw H.S. 9:00 AM College Fair
11/6/13 Cash for College All Day College Fair
11/7/13 Cash For College All day College Fair
11/9/13 Lincoln HS 11:00 AM College Fair
11/13/13 YO High School 11:00 AM College Fair
11/16/13 Golden Valley HS 8:30 AM College Fair
11/20/13 Vail High School 10:30 AM Presentation
12/3/13 Santee HS 8:30 AM College Fair
12/18/13 Odyssey HS 8:30 AM College Fair
1/30/14 Hamilton HS 11:00 PM Presentation
2/15/14 Norther Open All Day Workshop
2/20/14 Burbank HS 8:30 AM College Fair
2/21/14 Cortines HS 2:00 PM Presentation
3/21/14 Burroughs HS 8:30 AM College Fair
3/6/14 MUSD HS 11:00 AM Presentation
3/12/14 Crenshaw HS 9:30 AM College Fair
3/15/14 Cortines HS 10:00 AM College Fair
3/20/14 Sierra Vista HS 8:30 AM College Fair
4/3/14 Mayfair HS 11:00 AM College Fair
4/4/14 Fremont HS 10:00 AM College Fair
4/11/14 Diego Rivera LC 12:00 PM College Fair
4/24/14 Belmont HS 12:00 PM College Fair
4/26/14 Liechty MS 10:00 AM College Fair
4/30/14 RFK HS 3:00 PM College Fair
5/1/14 H.E.L.P (SWC) 11:30 AM College Fair
5/6/14 Jefferson HS 12:00 AM College Fair
5/22/14 YOKA MS 4:30 PM College Fair
  • College Fairs
    In addition we recruit at any venue where tables can be set-up; (you must furnish 1 table and 2 chairs) career fairs, education fairs, health fairs, job fairs and convention settings.
  • Classrooms

We make presentations in a classroom setting offering general college information one-on-one, and multiple group presentations at our mutual convenience; oral, video, overhead projection, slide or PowerPoint presentations.

  • Workshops

Workshop presentations are generally for specific areas, i.e., financial aid, assessment, applications, fashion or culinary arts to name a few. We can accommodate you at your location or a scheduled meeting can be arranged on LATTC’s campus.

  • Panels

Panel presentations are usually set-up in an auditorium setting with audience participation. We ask that you inform us with the topic in enough time to prepare.

For more information or to schedule an event please e-mail us at bridges@lattc.edu or call (213) 763-5329/5560 or FAX (213) 763-5383 or visit

Location: Mariposa Hall (MA-105)

Mailing Address:
Los Angeles Trade-Technical College

Attn: Matriculation/Recruitment
400 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90015