OACCongratulations & Welcome! Once you have successfully applied to LATTC you will receive your LATTC Student Identification Number (SID). This identification number is permanent and will be your ID number at all Los Angeles Community Colleges.  You will need this number to conduct any college business.

the new kind of orientation. 

We are excited to announce that Los Angeles Trade-Technical College now has an Online Orientation available to you.  The Online Orientation is composed of several videos and quizzes that will introduce you to what LA Trade-Tech has to offer. Our Online Orientation is designed to be completed in half an hour, but you can take as long as you need.

Once you have completed the orientation online you will be required to complete your Assessment at our Assessment Center and to attend one of our Counseling Institute sessions.

Online Orientation

If you would like to complete your orientation online, please go to orientation.lattc.edu

Upon completion you will receive an email from LA Trade-Tech as proof that you’ve completed the Online Orientation.

For further questions or information, please contact the Bridges to Success Center at (213) 763 – 5560 or email us at BRIDGES@lattc.edu



  1. Completed Online Orientation   Before you start you will need to have your student ID number handy. Students must receive a score of 75% or higher to receive a completion certificate. You may retake the online Orientation three times. If you don’t pass online Orientation please contact Bridges to Success for further instructions.
  2. Take the Placement Exam: stop by the Assessment Center to take your Math and English Accuplacer exam. The test will assess your English and Math skill level.
  3. Make an appointment with the Counseling Institute: During your counseling session you will  obtain vital program of study information and complete your abbreviated Student Educational Plan (SEP). 




Using your LATTC SID please schedule your New Student Orientation Appointment. All new students are required to complete the Assessment Placement,  Counseling Institute and Orientation (A+C+O) in order to obtain priority registration. You will complete all A+C+O components during your New Student Orientation Appointment.

Our New Student Orientation Sessions includes:

Welcome –     New Student Orientation Overview and Introduction to LATTC

Assessment  –    ACCUPLACER – Math and/or English College Placement OR TABE – Math and English Skills Locator

Counseling Institute – Meet with a counselor to obtain vital Program of Study Information and         complete your Student Educational Plan

Orientation –     LATTC Program and Services Information

  • Class enrollment using Student Information System (SIS) which provides Registration Appointment information, access to on-line class registration, and information about your default Personal Identification Number (PIN).


You may be exempt from Assessment if you have:

  • A valid assessment from another California Community College within the past 2 years
  • Completed the Early Assessment Program (EAP)
  • Successfully completed English and/or ESL and Mathematics courses at an accredited institution 

If you meet this exemption you will receive a waiver during Orientation.

Sessions are scheduled to last 5 ½ hours, please plan accordingly; you will be enrolled in your classes at completion.

  • Please be sure to bring a valid picture ID.
  • Parking information: You may obtain a guest parking CY-D150 for each day of the orientation.
  • MA 108 is located in Mariposa Hall please view our Campus Map at http://college.lattc.edu/about-lattc/campus-map

If you have not completed your application yet, that is your first step, please follow the A Quick-Start Guide to Enrollment to become an LATTC student.

If you have questions, or need any assistance please visit the Bridges to Success Center at Mariposa Hall (MA), 1st Floor Room #105, email us at bridges@lattc.edu  or call 213-763-5560.

A+C+O Outline

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