Assessment Center


The purpose of the Assessment Placement Process is to properly identify your English, Reading, and Math skill levels. Los Angeles Trade Technical College has a philosophy of providing all students a snapshot of where they stand and offering them an opportunity to take a pre-strategy session to ensure they are better prepared for the actual Assessment test.

Appropriately assessing a student’s skill levels is imperative to their success in whichever career pathway they eventually choose. Accurate course placements will enable students to successfully complete courses, and complete the appropriate course skills sequence, to meet their educational goals.

Assessment Retest Policy

Students must wait one term from their most recent assessment test to retest.

Students with Disabilities

If a student experiences difficulties due to a verified learning or physical disability, the student may wish to contact the Disabled Students Program & Services (DSP&S) in Mariposa Hall Room 100, via email: DSPSLATTC@LATTC.EDU or Phone 213-763-3773 or Fax 213-763-5391for information on alternative test-taking arrangements prior to assessment participation. Such alternative test-taking arrangements are only available for students with documented disabilities.

Assessment Preparation

  • Understand the purpose and importance of the Assessment Placement Process.
  • View the current Assessment Calendar and select a date and time to participate. Early assessment taking is strongly recommended. We experience the highest test taking during the first few weeks prior to the start of each semester/session.
  • Practice the sample test questions. Math problems should be practiced without the use of a calculator.
  • Ensure you are not ill and are well rested on the day of participation.

Prior to assessment participation

  • LATTC Admission application must be successfully processed.
  • Students must have prepared for the assessment (see section above).

 LATTC assessments

  • Are offered as part of the O+A+C sequence prior to and during peak registration periods in a computerized lab setting.  Walk-in tests are offered at non-peak times during lab hours.
  • Are set-up for students to take either English and/or Math during the same sitting.
  • Assess students into English, Reading, and Math courses.
  • Additional Info:
    • Upon reaching capacity, admittance time will vary.
    • No admittance for students without a valid Photo ID (School ID, CA ID, or Passport). Photocopies of Photo IDs are not accepted; No Exceptions.
    • No Calculators, Dictionaries, PDA’s, Cell Phones, iPods, MP3 Players, or other electronic devices allowed.

 After Assessment Participation

  • Students will receive English, Reading, and Math course placements.
  • Students may be referred to take additional assessments.(for e.g. to address non-credit needs)
  • Course placement results are valid for a two-year period.
  • Students will attend a Counseling Institute to assist in the interpretation of all the results and Student Educational Planning.