Online Orientation


Research shows that a key to a successful college experiences is the right start. At LATTC, that begins with Orientation. It will provide you with a comprehensive overview of our Academic Programs and Services to be successful as a student. Students that complete Orientation are more likely to navigate their college career more skillfully and save time, money and grief as they make educated decisions about their future.

Orientation is available online.  Students must receive a score of  75% or higher to receive a Certification of Accomplishment. The Certification of Accomplishment will provide you with the following steps which are Assessment and Counseling.

You may also completed Orientation in person by  signing up for New Student Orientation. The in-person New Student Orientation will include Assessment, Counseling as we all Orientation. It will also include a snapshot of your current standing in English and Math, followed by an Assessment Prep Course.

Topics presented and discussed during orientation include:

  • Successfully transition to and navigate college
  • Strengthen your academic skills and succeed in college
  • Pursue your educational goals at LATTC
  • Prepare for a better paying career!
  • Obtain financial resources to support your education
  • Develop a strategy to achieve your career and college goals
  • Earn your HS Diploma or GED while going to college at the same time
  • Complete a Practice Test for English/Math skills (TABE Locator)
  • See a Counselor

If you have questions, or need any assistance please visit the Bridges to Success Center at Mariposa Hall (MA), 1st Floor Room #105, email us at bridges@lattc.edu or call 213-763-5560.

Exemption Criteria for A + C + O (Student Success and Support Services):

  1. The student has completed and Associate Degree or Higher
  2. Student has enrolled at the college solely to take a course that is legally mandated for employment or necessary in response to a significant change in industry or licensure standards or
  3. Has enrolled at the college as a Special Admit student.

Any student exempted in accordance with this section shall be notified that he or she is exempted from participating in all or part of the matriculation process and shall be given an opportunity to choose whether or not to participate.

Student’s seeking an exemption will need to attend the first hour of Orientation and provide proof of qualifying for the exemption(see above); after which they will be exempted from the rest of the process if they so choose to.

***Special accommodations are made for students with special needs.  For more Information click here: DSPS Department.