A Quick-Start Guide to Enrollment



5 Steps to LATTC



1. Lets Apply

Submit a LATTC Application online at lattc.edu if you need help with completing your application please stop by Bridges to Success Center. You will receive your Student ID number within the following five business days via email.


2. Attend / Access Orientation

Students may complete Orientation online. Please click on the Orientation page on this site and start Orientation. Students may also attend an in-person Orientation by click on the “Request a New Student Orientation Appointment” banner on the left.


3. Take Assessment Test

Visit the Assessment Center at Mariposa Hall (MA 001) during walk-in hours to take your Math and English assessment test. Please visit Assessment Center’s website to study for the test prior to taking the test. The test is not a pass or fail. To learn more click here.


4. Talk to a Counselor

Sign up for MANDATORY a  Counseling Institute session. Click on the “Counseling Institute” banner to make an appointment. Attend a group counseling session to obtain vital Program of Study Information and receive your abbreviated Student Educational Plan (SEP).


5. Class Registration

Check your Student Information System (SIS) to view your Registration Appointment. Students must register on the date and time of their Registration Appointment they will not be able to register for classes before.