Our Staff

Crafts and Alterations is comprised of skilled trades people organized into different trade shops. The crews are responsible for repair and maintenance of college buildings, electrical distribution system, water mains, sewer and storm drains, gas distribution, sidewalks and roadways, lighting, key and sign making, painting. Additionally, the maintenance crews participate in the campus wide emergency response.

Staffed by grounds and custodial personnel, the operations crews comprise the largest division of the department.  The crews service the campus classrooms, offices and restrooms on a daily basis, provide support for special events, recycle various materials discarded on campus (white paper, cardboard, metal, newspapers, etc.); set up for small and large scale events; daily opening and closing of buildings and classrooms, as well as provide care and maintenance of grounds and pest management program.

The receiving personnel coordinates and controls receipt of materials for the entire college and functions as a liaison between different departments, purchasing, accounts payable and the district office. Additionally, this department is responsible for tracking asset inventory for the college.

The Occupational Health & Safety (LATTC-OHS) specialist provides a healthy and safe environment for our staff, faculty, students, and visitors, by preventing or reducing accidents and/or incidents in the workplace. LATTC-OHS protects Campus infrastructure from all types of hazards through a comprehensive risk-based emergency management program of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.