Public Relations


Public Relations Office Website

Location: Juniper Hall, room ST-533
Phone: 213-763-7054

The Public Relations Office is dedicated to opening lines of communication between the college and the community at large.

Please contact David Ysais at 213-763-7063 with any information regarding public media and press releases.

Contact Roxanne Romo at 213-763-7054 with all requests for film/still shoots.

To reserve a facility or space on campus for an event, please use the Facility Use process.

Events processed properly will be added to the College Calendar, and will therefore appear on the list of “Important Dates” on the homepage.

Flyers or announcements must be approved through college distribution policy. Student announcements must have an ASO stamp on them and must be sent to the Public Relations department by a dean or Vice President. Other campus announcements must receive approval from a dean or Vice President before being sent to the Public Relations department.


Our logo is more than just an identifier for our institution. It will become a signature that embodies out institutional identity. It is critical that our logo be used in a consistent manner to:

*distinguish ourselves from other colleges and institutions:

*preserve the integrity of our institutional identity:

*further strengthen impact and recognition value through consistent repetition;

*become the visual element that represents out institution.

Use of the logo that is not consistent with these standards is prohibited. The logo will remain a two-color image. It has three elements: the headline: “LATTC” typeface Futura Bold; the open door element and the Futura Condensed subtitiles, “Los Angeles Trade Tech, A Community College.”



Publication Guidelines


Any questions should be brought to the Public Relations Manager, David P. Ysais at 213 763-7063.