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Destination for Learning The purpose of our existence is to help students achieve their career dreams. With the highly skilled faculty and staff as well as the investment of dollars available we can help students achieve their potential and hence their dreams. The programs we offer are the backbone of any successful economy. A highly skilled workforce is the single most important asset that any community and business can have. As many of you are aware there is an increasing shortage of skilled workers in many of the programs areas we offer, this is projected to reach a critical stage by 2010. We are positioned to be the lead entity in marrying economic development and the training of a highly skilled workforce for our region. In short we will increasingly become one of the most important assets of our community. With a bit of thinking outside of the box we can enhance our position through entrepreneurship and also delve into workforce development and corporate training aspects of the various educational services we can offer.  With thinking big and delivering whatever we do with excellence we will become the “Destination for Learning” for our community.


Laurence B. Frank

President, Los Angeles Trade-Technical College