Puente office 
Juniper Hall/ST-413

Office Hours:
Monday & Thursday    8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Friday                                8:30 am – 12:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday                Closed

Phone #:

Make an appointment with the Puente counselor for more information about the program.

Contact Information:

Coordinators: Osbaldo Nieves (Counseling) &        TBA (English)
Visit us at:
Juniper Hall, 4th Floor Room #413
Call us:(213) 763-3771
Email: nieveso@lattc.edu , and/or Puente@lattc.edu


                                                         Bridge to Success

Puente is a nationally recognized one-year transfer program that provides students with instructional assistance, personal/career/academic guidance, and mentoring support. Puente (Spanish for bridge) offers rigorous yet stimulating English and personal development courses that prepare students academically. It also provides one-on-one mentoring by a professional who advises and guides students during their educational journey. Once students join Puente, they automatically become members of a large Puente “familia” that is committed to student success. Transferring becomes much easier for Puente students because they acquire vital academic and interpersonal skills that help them succeed academically. Students looking for a friendly and an educationally enriching atmosphere should consider joining the Puente family.It will change their lives forever.

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