Recycling Program

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle at Trade

Municipal solid waste amounts to approximately 327 million tons a year in the United States. Americans continue to use more and more materials every year, and the population using these materials continues to rise as well, hence we are facing the problem of insufficient solid waste landfill capacity.

It is our duty to assist in an attempt to minimize this problem. However, a successful waste management program requires more than Grass cycling, baling cardboard boxes or recycling paper from a few office locations. It entails a wide and comprehensive group of activities geared towards reducing wasteful consumption practices. Put simply, an employee’s daily routine needs to incorporate waste reduction, reuse and recycling activities into their everyday routines.

Furniture re-utilization, online auction sales, tree chipping, and scrap metal recycling are among the many activities Trade-Tech currently performs.

We invite you to incorporate the three activities into your daily operations:

  • Reduce – limit the amount of rubbish you create.
  • Reuse – use items over again
  • Recycle – pass items through a cycle so that they can be converted into something new again, rather than end up in the landfill.