Welcome to the Regional Economic Development Institute (REDI)

REDI is a career and technical education applied research, training, and technical assistance center based at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College.   REDI’s mission is to strengthen the regional economy through the design, delivery, and dissemination of state-of-the art workforce development, vocational, and basic skills education and training programs.  The Institute specifically endeavors to re-engineer public education (K-16) to seamlessly and effectively connect high demand industries and jobs to California’s workforce, with a special emphasis on unemployed and underemployed populations.

Workforce Development Research and Presentations

Numerous reports and presentations have been commissioned or prepared by REDI on the emerging green economy, green jobs, and green workforce development.  Click here to access the reports and presentations.

Sector-Based Initiative Research – Through REDI, the Division of Workforce and Economic Development engages in continuous program development  to ensure that education and training programs are available to address workforce shortages in highest demand industries in Los Angeles.  More specifically that programs are readily available to prepare individuals for successful employment in entry-level positions that lead to career opportunities; to provide training for incumbent workers to acquire new skills to advance, and to fulfill specific occupational shortages in industries critical to the economic vitality of Los Angeles.  Currently REDI is engaged in two industry sector development initiatives as follows: